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Omega-3 is important for our diets, and yet, most of us have a hard time getting enough of it in our daily life. Current research demonstrates that adding omega-3 nutrients to your diet can help reduce the risk of heart disease, slow down the aging process, ease stress and depression, improve memory function, and lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. Studies have also indicated that omega-3s may help in the prevention, risk and treatment of certain forms of cancer[1-6]. For a complete list of the powers of this little nutrient, check out[7-9].

I was recently introduced to Omega3Water. It’s a refrigerated and refreshing fruity beverage. In addition to this it’s the country’s first flavored water infused with omega-3 nutrients. The source isn’t fish (thank goodness as I’m sure that would make for a very fishy drink). Instead the omega-3 comes from flax seed. It also contains vitamins and nutrients, to earns its title of #2ural Health Defender.

omega3water review

Omega3Water is available two vegetarian-friendly, kosher-certified flavors: Bold Berry (20,000 mcg of Omega-3 from Flaxseed, Calcium, Vitamins: B 3,5,6,12 & D)and Orange Kiwi (20,000 mcg of Omega-3 from Flaxseed, Vitamins: A, B 3,5,6,12 & C). 

Both of the flavors were quite good. Mr. Serious compared them to that of a famous electrolyte drink named after an animal…and I had to agree. The girls loved the drinks, too. And, any source of vitamins is nice to add. Both of these flavors do have sugar in them, and thus calories. They are working on some calorie free drinks for those with diabetes or counting their calories that will be sweetened with all-natural sweeteners.

I’m not one to buy sweetened drinks, but if I did want to pick some up, I’d likely be more inclined to get these over other alternatives. I’d like to see them make the water with just essence of fruit  flavor instead of adding sugar to it. However, these were quite good, and even flavorful enough to dilute half and half with water and still be enjoyable.

Samples, references and health information provided by PR firm. I was not compensated for this review.


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  1. Lindsay C. says:

    I should get some of this. It sounds good & is good for you.

  2. Glenda Reynolds says:

    I never heard about Omega 3 Water before this. After reading your post , I am very much curious to drink Omega 3 Water . I like orange flavor. Let me try first for orange flavor.

  3. Lindsey D. says:

    I’ve never heard of this stuff but I may try it if I find it

  4. You can order O3W from Amazon and Ebay!

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