Portable Swing by Bright Starts in Sunnyside Safari {Review and Giveaway}


Traveling with an infant can be a challenge, especially when you are going to be gone from home for ten days and not a single place you are going has seen a baby in years (read: they have zero baby gear!).

When we were preparing for our trip to Michigan, we had to consider what all we would need to bring, and also think about the fact that it had to fit in the back of our van. So, we decided on a play yard for her to sleep in and a portable swing for her to hang out in.

Sure, I could wear her while we were out and about (and wear her I did…I think I had a Baby E imprint on my chest), but there were some times she needed a break from me, so we knew the swing was the way to go.

We were introduced to the Sunnyside Safari Portable Swing by Bright Starts. It features TrueSpeed” Technology that allows it to maintain 6 speeds as baby grows (for birth up to 25 pounds), Comfort Recline seat with 2 positions, Whisper Quiet operation and easily folds for storage or travel.

Usually when something comes in small box I get concerned about how long it’s going to take me to put it together. Not because it will be hard, but because my “helpers” aren’t quite helpful yet.

bright starts portible swing giveaway and review

Out of the box…there were quite a few pieces that had to be squared away. I read the directions, and slowly got it together. And, then I realized that if I set her in it, her feet would be higher than her head. Hmmm..that’s not right. I went back and looked and I missed some key pictures of shapes that needed to be matched up. That’s what helpers aka distractors can do to you.

bright starts portible swing giveaway and review

But, I still got it together in about 15 minutes or less….then I had to find the 4 C batteries I would need for it to work. I also noticed the 5-point harness and two positions for the shoulder straps. Of course, the super cute safari print is non-gendered so it will work for a girl or boy (I’m personally of the feeling that pink works for a boy, but some people disagree). The colors are nice and soft but the print is very fun. We never tested out this feature, but the fabric is machine washable, for those rare spit ups or other incidents in the seat.

bright starts portible swing giveaway and review

Then, I tested out the recline to see where I thought she’d like it better. It’s pretty easy to recline, just sort of pop it past a plastic stop and it goes down, push it up and it goes up. This is in the reclined position.

bright starts portible swing giveaway and review

Then, you pop in two buttons on each side leg and push them in and fold the seats up and it’s ready for the back of the van. It’s not super tiny, but it’s pretty small for a functioning swing.

bright starts portible swing giveaway and review

Here she is watching soccer with my cousin in the more upright position. She really prefers the top full speed of the swing, but all of our kids have been like that. They want to swing when they are in their swing.

portable swing bright starts review

I’m really pleased with how quiet the swing is. Usually they make a clicking noise or something annoying, but you can barely hear this one going, even at full speed.

portable swing bright starts review

Even on the cork floor, the no slip of the feet held up and the swing didn’t move from it’s spot at all. (One thing I did notice, and I’ve noticed with all travel swings, it’s a little harder to put them into the swing. It’s like the seat is trying to get away from you, so you really have to place them in it almost from overhead instead of in front, or the swing pushes back…or have somebody hold the swing still for you!)

portable swing bright starts review

The swing did a great job being moved around on our 10 day road trip and has also been great at dinner time when Baby E didn’t want to be held or fed and just needed to swing. We can easily move it into the kitchen near us and she can enjoy the swing. Then, at the end of the night we can fold it up and get it out of the way.

We’ve been very pleased with it. The only thing I could think that would improve it might be a place to hang a toy, but a couple simple loops from another toy would allow you to attach them to the side bars so your munchkin can’t chunk them out of the swing.

Check out Baby E rocking the swing..or the swing rocking her.

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  1. Lindsay C. says:

    This swing will be for our new little one!

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    This would be for my new cousin!! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  3. It would be for my little boy.

  4. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    My hubby and I’s next baby will use this swing 🙂 We are currently ttc.

  5. Kathryn S says:

    Our next child 🙂

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    baby number 2 when he/she arrives

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    My baby boy, who will be here in August, will use this!

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    Your pinterest account says error everytime I try to go to it 🙁

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    My sister is pregnant so she will be using this swing

  10. Molly Bussler says:

    My little baby boy will use this wonderful swing, if I win. Thank you

  11. My daughter would love this!! And it is great for having a boy too if we have one next!! 🙂

  12. My first baby…:-)

  13. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    My first child!

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