There’s a ghost in my china cabinet

How could something so pretty be puzzling me so much?

Our china cabinet has a hinge that is a “touch sensor” to turn the light on. It’s on the top right hinge (definitely not kid or cat height). So, how is it that this thing randomly turns itself on? And, on different light settings? And, at different times of day?

I’m convinced it’s my husband playing tricks on me, because that is the only explanation, right? But, he swears, it’s not him. Besides, he isn’t really a joke-ster.

But, truly, we’re both puzzled. Is our china cabinet possessed?

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    1. Susan Kuhn says:

      I have the same issue with my Drexel China cabinet bought around 1993. I live alone and have no pets. The light started coming on spontaneously in 2012. There is not set day or time except it happens most frequently at night. I have had an electrician look at it and he found nothing but suggested that air from my air conditioner might be triggering it so I moved it and the light still comes on. Beats the heck out me why this happens and my family thinks I have a ghost.

  1. Ooh,I love ghost stories!! You need to start taking more pictures of it!! Do you know any background on the house your in?

    1. It’s just power fluctuations those switches are super sensitive. A mini wall surge protector might help.

  2. Yeah not my thing and I would so sell my China Cabinet. HEHEHE I am a big old afraidy CAT!

    1. It’s just power fluctuations those switches are super sensitive. A mini wall surge protector might help.

  3. I don’t do well with things like this. It would freak me out.

  4. EEE SCARY!!!! That would freak me out!! especially if I were ever home alone!!! (guess that doesnt really make you feel better about it…)

  5. Faulty wiring? I dunno. I’d be guessing a ghost too. It’s a cool looking cabinet, though.

  6. Oh my gosh I would be freaked out!! It’s probably an electrical issue….but I would still be nervous. I’m such a scardy cat though!

  7. Mine is the same way. It started after my Mom died. We moved about a year ago, and it still is doing it. I perfer to think it’s my

    1. I would definitely think that if it was the case here, too!

    2. This is us. Started after our dog died .. and then stopped and our cat died and it happened again.. it only happens at night and we notice it first this in the a.m

  8. It is not a ghost because I have the one with the hinge on the top right also and it comes on randomly as well it’s probably a fly or something.

  9. Linda Vacha says:

    This happens me too! Our dining room hutch has a sensor on the upper right hinge as well. The light randomly turns on by itself. It freaks me out! Good to know I’m not alone. Must be a defect with the sensor.

    1. The light blubs have gone out in ours, and I don’t have any plans to replace them. I actually leave it unplugged, too!

    2. You are definitely not alone, we have the sane issue, and it can change from dim to brightest (3 levels)

        1. I know…. especially when it changes from dim to bright!!!! I need that paranormal investigator from Ghost Adventures… lol

          1. OMG I am sitting here watching ghost adventures right now and my cabinet light just came on lol!!!! But seriously I think its just a sensor issue. Mine just started doing it recently.

  10. Karen Howard says:

    I just bought a used Royhill China cabinet. I can’t figure out how to turn the lights on. There is a thin wire it comes from inside of the top to the top right hinge but I don’t know what to touch to make it turn the lights on. Can someone give me a clue please. Thanks, Karen

    1. Hi Karen- Not sure about the specifics of yours, but on ours, we just touched the top right hinge. Obviously, making sure that the light bulbs are good and that it’s plugged in:)

  11. I came into our bedroom last night … the lights were off in the bedroom as I was going to go right into the bathroom so didn’t feel the need to turn them on. Went over shut the curtains then went in bathroom came out and started to walk past the curio cabinet which is in our bedroom( we have a ton of grandkids!!)…I noticed the light was on…it DEFINITELY was not on when I came into the room. It was not on when I just walked past it to go into the bathroom either!! This has happened several times too.

    1. I think the way these turn on with just touching the hinges makes them susceptible to being turned on with just dust hitting them.

  12. I have the same occurrence happening. Touch Hinge on upper right door. It’s crossed my mind that it is a ghost, my father passed away back in 2009 but at a different location, this house is only 3 years old. I’ve read other forums where people has the same issue with these types of hinges.

  13. Yes I have the same thing happening in our china cabinet …
    Many items in the cabinet were my mothers. she past away years ago.
    Cabinet is not old, but the things inside are. We have asked questions, asking for the first setting or second setting to come on. Questions are answered..
    We believe it is my mother, and she is just saying hello.
    Lights on sometime 3-4 times a day… sometime not at all during the day.
    Can’t find any other reason for the light to come on. Good Luck..

    1. Our solution was to not put a new light bulb in it when it went out:) But, I like the idea of your mother saying hello, too. Especially if it makes you smile!

  14. I have the same issue just recently with my china cabinet, the weird part is that the light only turns on at certain times. 7;27 8:15 we can’t see how nobody stands by it and we have nothing on a timer .

  15. Mike Marram says:

    We have the same issue.
    Ever figure it out?

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