Over 40 of the best games for large families (for 6 or more players)


We’ve been having a lot more game nights recently…and game days! Not being able to go many places means we are finding new ways to play together at home. We’ve always had a collection of board/family games, but we struggled to find games that would work for all of our age ranges and allow for at least 6 players. So, I set out to find some good ones and compiled this list of over 40 of the best games for large families with some searching and asking all of you awesome readers. Hopefully, this will introduce you to some fun games for your family!

over 40 of the best games for big families

I made sure to include the number of players for each game as well as organize them by age. Let me know if there are any games you think need to be included. 

See What I mean jeff foxworthy game

Best Games For Big Families (6 or more people)

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Ages 3+

Ages 5+

Ages 6+

Ages 7+

Ages 8+

Ages 9+

Ages 10+

Ages 12+

Ages 13+

Ages 14+

Funkoverse Strategy Game: Harry Potter

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  1. Jenjo Games says:

    What a great list of games which you have shared for large families. Our family is a huge fan of playing games. Every weekend we spend this time where the entire family comes together to play different games. Such activities helps to reduce some of the daily stress & strengthen our family bonds. I am so excited to enjoy these amazing games with everyone. Thanks for sharing such an awesome list of games with us.

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