Over 30 of the best gifts for crossfit and fitness fanatics | A GIFT GUIDE


Calling all fitness gurus. This list contains over 30 of the best gifts for crossfit and fitness fanatics and it’s aimed at you. All of these products listed below will help make your workout routine run smoothly. From headphones that stay in place to the best yoga mat, I know you will find the perfect gift…. even if it is a gift for yourself.

Crossfit gifts and more for Fitness Fanatics 2

Sidenote: I don’t like to give workout gifts unless I know the recipient wants them. Fitness gifts gift can give the wrong impression if not gifted in the right way, so use caution with your gifts for fitness. Also, these are in no particular order!

Some samples were received. Some links are affiliate which means if you make a purchase, I receive a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you.

workout clothes

Good fitting pants are super important for fitness fanatics. Clothing can make or break your work out if it’s irritating or you have to mess with it.

A new favorite of mine is Stelle Athletica, a female athletic, best-selling brand on Amazon. The workout clothes will get to me quickly and are very reasonably priced.

stelle athetica workout clothes

Left outfit: Women’s Essential High Waisted Yoga Shorts 8″ Grey Blue // Women’s Cropped Top Padded Sports Bra Navy

Middle outfit: Women’s Essential High Waisted Capri Yoga Pants Navy  // Women’s Racerback Yoga Workout Sports Bra with Wide Strap Dusty Purple

Right outfit: Women’s Essential High Waisted Capri Yoga Pants Navy // Women’s Racerback Yoga Workout Sports Bra with Wide Strap Dusty Purple // Women’s Sleeveless Workout Tank Tops Mesh Backless and Tie Back Pale Blue Medium

wearing stelle athetica workout clothes (1)

More importantly, the fit of Stelle is amazing. And I didn’t have to mess with the pants or shorts one time to keep them up while walking, running, lifting weights or indoor cycling.

The pockets on both the shorts and capris make me so happy. In addition to working out, I often have these clothes on when I walk the kids to and from school and I like to be able to put my phone in my pocket. The pockets hold my giant iPhone XMax in a case!

And, the light blue tie back shirt? It is so soft and light-weight. I didn’t feel I wanted to rip it off when I started to sweat. It let the breeze flow and felt nice. For my bike ride, I left the back untied so the shirt would fit looser, but it’s also  super cute tied at the back.

stelle tie back top

I can’t emphasize how comfortable and happy I am with these outfits. I have so many pairs of leggings and shorts that I’m constantly tugging at to stay on my waist. Not only did I not have to tug at the waist or crotch, but they stayed up and high waisted during my entire workout.

wearing stelle on peloton

Dear Kate offers an incredible lifestyle athletic & lingerie brand by women for women, just launched their “Go Kommando” yogas with a special no leak, stain resistant, sweat proof liner. These capri yogas are great for all ages of women, young and trendy who sport the athleisure style. They also feature a sweat-wicking fabric with four-way stretch, a hidden pocket at waistband, and mesh panels at back calf.

Plus, they come in great prints and patterns. You can workout in them in a great crossfit class or wear them when walking 10+ miles a day at Walt Disney World.

Dear Kate Go Kommando Yoga pants

Shirt with a message

I think one of the best workout gifts is a shirt with a funny saying or message. Not only does it motivate you, but it also motivates the people you are working out with.

Just warming up tanks and tshirts

Supportive Bra

It’s important with all of the bouncing, jumping and running that is included in your fitness gifts for women is a very supportive and comfortable sports bra like this one from Under Armour. These bras will not quit. Do not skimp in this category. Quality is important here.

under armour sports bra

Massage Gun / Recovery Tool

Sometimes you need something to really get into those store and tight muscles. The Exogun gets in there and helps.

exogun with case close up

It often times comes with a carrying case and several massage heads. So it works for all different muscle groups.

The Exogun also has 5 speeds and is very easy to go up and down.

Don’t let pain and soreness slow you down. Exogun revives muscle, boosts circulation, and releases energy so you can recover faster and live better. Take it wherever you need it—work, the gym, the trail—and put the power of percussion massage treatment in your hands.

Portable, adjustable, and powerful, Exogun is trusted by the pros to deliver the ultimate in recovery.

Percussion Therapy is said to boost muscle function and recovery by penetrating deep into the muscle tissue with a series of rapid, concentrated pulsating strokes.

Gain back control of your body and achieve long-term pain relief with Exogun.

Exogun Discount Code: RAS10 saves you 10% off site-wide (if there are no other promotions listed on the site)


Leave wires in the dust with iLive’s truly wire-free Bluetooth earbuds. The sporty hook design keeps these earbuds in place so you can work hard or play hard without sweating the small stuff.

Truly Wire-free Earbuds in box

As we grab our workout gear (water bottles, shorts, tank tops, etc.) we can’t forget about our tunes.

Truly Wire-free Earbuds with all pieces

But it’s pretty hard to stay focused on your reps and sets when you’re worried about your headphones tangling, falling out of your ear or becoming damaged by your sweat.

iLive has created their Truly Wire-free Earbuds to be the ultimate workout companion. They feature a secure, comfy fitting ear hook that comes in 3 varieties, 3 different ear tip sizes, have an IPX7 waterproof rating and a Bluetooth feature with a 49-foot range. So while you’re doused in sweat after cardio and headed to grab some weights, you don’t have to worry about your music cutting off and killing your vibe.

Truly Wire-free Earbuds in ear with small ear hooks

Hair distraction remover

While it’s mostly a “workout gifts for her” list item, I have seen men use them, too. A Headband is a must to get hair out of your face and keep your distractions at bay. Plus, they add a fun little bit of cute, too.

Cardio Dance Hoop

Cardio Dance Hoop is one of the great fitness gifts because you can burn just as many calories as aerobics or running and have a whole lot more fun. The hoop is lightweight and is three hoops in one. You can start with the easiest option (8 sections), then amp up your workout by removing one of two sections. Did you know that a smaller hoop burns more calories?

It comes with a 30-minute DVD and workout guide with 5 progressive dance routines. The Dance hoop will engage the following muscles: Trunk (core), abs, back, hips, thighs, shoulder girdle stabilizers.

Cardio Dance Hoop

Bosu Ball

BOSU Balance Trainer is definitely also filed under best fitness gifts. It targets the core muscles of your body helping you to not only gain strength, trim and tone, but also to strengthen the entire body and improve balance. It delivers an ever-changing dynamic surface that you can stand on, jump on, kneel on, and lay on, to perform exercises to train and challenge every part of your body. Not only is it a challenge for your muscles, but you can do many exercises on it that will also challenge you at a cardiovascular level. It always surprises me what our coaches/instructors come up with using a Bosu Ball.

Core Sliders

It’s a shame but I refer to these sliders as torture devices. And they are, but that’s because they are one of the crossfit gadgets you want under your tree.  The discs give you an intense abdominal, back, shoulder, quads, hamstrings and more workout, strengthening your whole body to give you a chiseled physique. Plus, they are compact and lightweight so you can easily fit them in a suitcase or carry-on, so you can work out right in your hotel room!

Medicine Balls

Both hard medicine balls and soft medicine balls make great crossfit presents. They have so many uses and are incredibly versatile. I imagine this fitness gift might pose a small challenge in wrapping, but it’s a gift any fitness fanatic would love to receive.

Fitness Tracker

I’m kind of addicted to my Fitbit Wristband. I really feel like it’s one of my favorite fitness gifts for her.  You can track your fitness stats with this fitbit. The perfect way to push your limits and meet fitness goals as well as get involved in group and personal challenges

Good sleep

This might seem crazy, but when you are a fitness fanatic, you have to remember to make time for sleep. To get a good night’s sleep, you’ll need a super comfortable mattress, great pillows, some luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheets, a lightly scented relaxing sleep mist, and maybe some white noise.


These microfiber sheet sets are a dream to sleep on (see what I did there). They are breathable, lightweight and so very comfortable. Slumber sheets are 100% Pure, Certified, Extra-long Staple, Egyptian cotton. You will be able to tell a difference when lay and sleep on these sheets.

Give your sheets and/or your pillow a light spray of the Lavender Sleep Mist will have you nodding off to sleep in no time and maybe even dreaming of your next workout.


On that comfy bed and on top of those comfy sheets, you’ll want a great pillow like the SensorPedic® Performance Extreme Cooling Memory Foam Pillow. After a tough workout, you’ll want a nice place to rest your head. And, likely, you’ll want it to be cooling.

This pillow is made of a pressure-relieving iCOOL2 Cooling Memory Foam™ that is engineered with proprietary cooling material designed to disperse body heat so you stay cool and comfortable all night long. The luxurious fabric cover is both soft and cool meaning no more flipping your pillow to find the cool side. Extreme cooling and incredible comfort make this performance gusseted bed pillow the coolest pillow around.

Noise Machine

The Sound+Sleep Mini: Sound Therapy System is a travel size sleep machine with 12 distant sound categories and 48 unique sounds that include an adaptive sound system that listens your environment to appropriately mask noise.

sound + sleep mini

It is compact, battery-powered, AC wall powered or powered by a USB port meaning you can have realistic, natural sound environments and white, pink and brown noise programs so you can get a good night’s rest pretty much anywhere.

Plyometrics Box

Box jumps can be scary. But, they provide a great training tool for explosive jumps, speed training and overall leg fitness. This Adjustable Plyometrics Box does three heights: 14″, 18″ and 22” and has a non-slip landing surface of 16” x 16”. Athletes of all levels use these boxes for forward, lateral, and other plyometric jumping drills. Increase not only in your vertical jumping ability, but also drastically increase foot speed, cardiovascular endurance, overall leg strength and health. The number of exercises you can perform are endless and only limited by your creativity. Athletes of all levels can improve performance and increase speed agility and all around fitness levels with plyometric training.

Pull-up Bar / Indoor Gym

The Gorilla Gym brings the fun of the outdoors inside. Not only is it great fun for kids, it also makes a great piece exercise equipment. Gorilla Gym is lightweight, portable, and installs in your doorway in seconds without tools or drilling. It safely supports over 300 pounds. It makes for a great pull-up bar as well as many creative uses for abs and a full-body workout.

Jump Rope

I think a Jump Rope is kind of an easy fitness gift. I’d even consider it one one of the easier gifts for people who work out.


The Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells are perfect for couples who workout together. You can adjust the weight to fit anyone’s needs or even to change things up for a set of different exercises.

Adjustable Dumbells
image via amazon

Resistance Bands

I think everybody needs a good Resistance Band Set. It’s easy to build resistance with and work so many muscle groups with something very small and easy to pack. You can also take them on the go with the handy carrying case that is included.

Resistance Band Set

Kettle Bell

Once a week, I do an entire Kettle Bell class and it’s an amazing workout. You can work your back, your deltoids, your shoulders, your hamstrings, quads, triceps and more. I’m always shocked with how many muscles I feel after exercising with a kettle bell.

Hand protection

While some people consider calluses a right of passage, I do not. A great pair of Crossfit Gloves is a definite addition to my crossfit gift ideas list. These are another one you could put in a stocking or make an add-on to some weights or other gear.

Music + Timer + Audio Books and more

Getting your fitness on at home? You can play music, listen to audio books, set timers and more with Amazon Echo. It’s really a whole home workout buddy, but if you exercise at home, there are so many ways you can use Alexa!


A good exercise mat is worth its weight in gold. Well, actually, I have no idea what a Yoga Mat weighs or what gold is worth. But I like this mat because it is extra thick and comes with a carrying strap.

Lock down your laces

Have you ever had to stop in the middle of a workout to tie your shoe laces? It totally changes things. When you use Lock Laces you keep laces in their place. No more worries about tripping over untied shoelaces. They also come in a variety of colors.

Good Shoes

Did you know that you need to replace your shoes often when using them? I can tell that the insoles wear out at around 3-4 months with daily use. ASICS Running Shoes are my go-to brand lately. These cozy gel filled running shoes feel like you are running on air. They are available in both men and women’s sizes.

Good Socks

Socks. Do not under-estimate the value of a pair of good socks. Feetures Athletic socks are some of my favorites. They are the highest quality socks and incredibly comfortable.

Infusing Water Bottle

Infuser Water Bottle: Staying hydrated during a workout is essential. I like this bottle because you can add your favorite fruit or veggie to the mix. There is also a spot at the bottom of the bottle to hold ice, which makes for nice cold water.

Long-lasting cold hydration

If you aren’t a fan of infused water, go with an Insulated tumblers that keeps your water cold longer. These things keep your water ice cold for a long time. You can even put ice water in it and drink the water and still have ice for a refill.

Meal Container

When one works out really hard, and potentially for a long time, they will need to refuel. The best time to eat after a workout is immediately and up to 30 minutes. So, it’s important to plan nourishment and food when planning a workout.

Stuckonyou Lunch container

Bento boxes offer a ton of personalized item options like labels for your workout gear, and the ability to customize your a bento box. Since the Bento Boxes are leakproof, BPA free and professionally custom printed with your design, you know your recipient can throw it in their gym bag without any worries of leaks or spills making it the perfect container for a meal before or after a workout.

Stuckonyou Lunch container

The design offers 6 compartments in a handy inner tray that can be removed from the outer box and popped in the dishwasher (top rack only). The lid is lined with a leak-proof silicone seal that covers each individual compartment.

Fitness / Nutrition Journal

Failure to plan is planning to fail. The Fitlosophy Fitbook: Fitness and Nutrition Journal helps keep you planning. Make a fitness plan… and stick to it! You can even keep track of nutrition.

Roll on Massager

After all of that exercising, you need to be able to soothe everyday aches and pains, reduce tension and stress and improve your overall health. A massage stick helps target tight knots and ease sore muscles in hard-to-reach areas of the back and shoulders. I like this one because it is 24” long and features elevated pressure point nodules to help roll away tension.

Massage Stick

Relieve your stress and tight knots by using targeted and controlled pressure for customized relief. It has so many uses, too. You can massage yourself or have somebody do it for you.

Massage Stick Relief Guide

Sweat collector

A good towel is a must. Made of microfiber, this towel is more lightweight and compact than ordinary towel. It’s unique terry texture design can absorb more water than flat towel.

Muscle Relief

Now that you’ve dried off the sweet and massaged your muscles, you’ll want to roll on some Deep Relief. This blend of popular oils (such as Peppermint, Wintergreen, Dorado Azul, and Helichrysum) is a great companion for your trips to the gym and busy daily routine. I keep one in my gym bag at all times.

Oils such as Peppermint and Wintergreen provide a refreshing, cooling sensation during or after a workout, with an invigorating scent that inspires an upbeat and energetic approach to whatever keeps you active. The convenient roll-on packaging makes this product an easy addition to your gym bag or purse so you can reach for it whenever you like.

Deep Relief


For over a year now, every day, I blend up a smoothie in my Nutri Ninja® Nutri Bowl™ Duo™. It is always a banana-free smoothie. It makes amazingly smooth protein smoothies every time with just the push of a button. Then, you just invert the cup, put on a lid and you are fully charged and ready to exercise!

Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo

My favorites to make in my Ninja are protein smoothies and protein oats. Since I typically eat gluten and dairy free, this Bowmar Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder in Cinnamon Cereal is a great addition to both!

bowmar nutrition vegan protein blended oatmeal bowls

Indoor Grill

Increase your lean protein and veggie consumption by grilling them inside! Grill smarter, better & faster – any day of the year with the PowerXL Smokeless Grill Family Size.

It’s so much easier to just put this grill on the counter and get to work with food. You can prepare a meal for you entire family, or even have leftovers! Enjoy perfect, even grilling and searing indoors on a premium, die-cast aluminum surface with advanced nonstick coating. Food release is instant without added oil or fats required.

PowerXL Smokeless Grill Family Size with veggies

The most delicate fish stays intact and the thickest sauces won’t stick or leave residue behind. You get the same BBQ taste, char-grilled flavor, and gorgeous grill marks on chicken, steaks, ribs, veggies & more – the possibilities are endless with the PowerXL Smokeless Grill Family Size.

PowerXL Smokeless Grill Family Size juicy chicken

Gym Bag

To give the ultimate fitness gift, choose a couple of these gift ideas, and place them in a gym bag (where there are over 15 options). Tie the handle with a ribbon, and boom. There you have it.

Did any of your best gifts for crossfit and fitness fanatics make my list? Share them with all of us in the comments.

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