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B was at camp at our church this week, along with her sisters. She was having a great time playing in water, making crafts, riding her bike and playing GaGa ball. Wednesday, one of the adult counselors sent me this picture of B covered in shave cream.

playing in the shave cream

It looked like she was having a pretty good time. 

I searched the old blog for this picture of N and sent it back to the counselor saying it must be genetic and to guess which kiddo this is. 

N covered in shave cream

I didn’t get a response, but I knew she was busy and figured she’d see it when I went to do pickup.

About 15 minutes later, my phone rang. It was one of the other adult counselors leading the camp. Hmmm… she’s calling, I thought. 

I almost answered “what’s wrong?” But thought it might be best not to jump to conclusions.

“Hey Krystyn. This is [counselor] just wanted to call and let you know that while B was changing out of her swim suit, her finger got slammed in the door…[other counselor] was taking her to get a bandage for her bleeding finger and she passed out and hit her head on the ground. So [other counselor] is on the phone with 911 and they are on their way.”

Yep, just like that. No time for me to respond to the finger situation. She was very calm, I’ll for sure say that. 

My response “um, okay, she’s calling 911? Like they are on the way? I guess I should come up there.”

“Yes, I think that’s a good idea!”

I tried to be as safe as I could while getting to our church quickly. It’s a 6 minute drive and I was so glad I was home and not where I was 30 minutes away at a meeting less than an hour previous.

I parked the car and ran inside the church. The fire fighters/first responders had just gotten there. B was conscious, but grey. Like I’ve never see her looking like that. 

I scooped her right up and she was still a little out of it and very still and quiet. The first responders hadn’t even really assessed her. I didn’t really know everything that had happened. They were asking questions, I was asking questions. 

Then the EMTs arrived. She started to get a little more color to her. 

She was responding to me, so we all agreed to start with getting some vitals and checking her pupils. 

She pinked up a little more. I figured it might be a good idea to make sure her finger was okay too and didn’t need stitches (Lord help us with this one after the glue on her eye just a few weeks ago). It wasn’t too deep, so we could check that off the list. 

The EMTs took her vitals and got her information and said everything looked okay and she seemed okay. They said it was up to us to decide if they took her in or not. We all decided that she would be okay not being rushed to the ER. 

Having gone through this kid passing out thing once before and knowing what the doctor told us (sometimes it just happens) and having all of the tests done, we just decided to keep an eye on her for anything out of the ordinary. 

After signing off on the EMTs paperwork and her sitting with me for a bit, she drank some water and was looking like herself. She even giggled at something she thought was silly. 

She had about an hour left of camp and I asked her if she wanted to go home or stay. At first she said home and then decided she didn’t want to miss her last activity. So, I stayed with her to be close by and keep my eyes right on her. 

When she asked to go to the bathroom and wanted to take a picture to send to daddy I knew everything was okay. 

feeling better after passing out

Have I mentioned I want to bubble wrap this girl that goes off to kindergarten this week? I better ask her teacher to put me on her speed dial! I’m thankful for all of the adults that were at camp and kept their eyes on her and called to check on her later. 

This girl is and will continue to be something fierce!

PS. She’s fine. Hasn’t phased her sense. She says she didn’t close her eyes and remembers it happening. And, apparently, it’s a thing when little kids get their fingers slammed in a door/window, etc that they have some sort of vagal system response and pass out? This was not in the parenting manual!

What did you do this week?

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    The Lord protects our children, whatever happens

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