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It’s October, so that means it’s time for….Open Enrollment! Did you think I was going to say “pumpkin spice cornflakes,” or some other gourd-awful creation. Seriously, I think pumpkin flavoring jumped the shark this year.

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People typically have two different reactions to the words “Open Enrollment.” It’s either fear and indecision, or they mark time on the calendar and handle it like a Health Plan Pro. Usually, the ones frozen in fear are missing some knowledge, which can result in confusion and fear of picking the wrong health plan. Check out the three worst mistakes you can make during open enrollment and how to avoid them. There’s some good knowledge there!

Are you a health plan pro? Open Enrollment helper with giveaway

Well, “Are You a Health Plan Pro?

Are you a health plan pro? Open Enrollment helper with giveaway

UnitedHealthcare developed a short activity to help you determine your level of pro-ness. Plus, when you finish the activity you can enter to win $100 weekly prizes and $500 monthly cash prizes (both the crossword puzzle and Health Plan Pro have their own prizes)! Click here to take the activity and enter to win. Plus, keep scrolling for your chance to win one of two $100 Amazon gift cards!

Are you a health plan pro? Open Enrollment helper with giveaway

For those confident in your health plan uber-knowledge, take the activity and find out if you’re considered a Pro. This activity is no cake walk, so you might be surprised.

If Open Enrollment is the monster in your closet, this activity will shed some light on several health plan topics, including:

– health plan terminology – health care accounts, such as FSA, HSA and HRA. Don’t worry, the activity explains what they mean!

– picking the right balance of premiums versus out-of-pocket costs

– ranking the least expensive to most expensive places to get care

“What if I get all the questions wrong?” Who cares! Each question will explain the answers, so you will increase your health plan knowledge. Plus, you still get to enter to win the 500 bucks, so that’s a win-win or technically a win-“chance-to-win.”

So, take the activity, share it with friends, and approach Open Enrollment with some new knowledge and the confidence that comes with it.

Are you a health plan pro? Open Enrollment helper with giveaway
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  1. I honestly saw PUMPKIN SPICE flavored SALMON. Too much. I’m a healthcare pro, but I’m having to shop new plans EVERY year and that really grinds my gears.

  2. I got 4 stars at the end of the activity!

  3. Julie Wood says:

    My score was 5 out of 5 stars and I got all 5 Stars for a Perfect Score.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    I got 4 out of 5 stars!

  5. georgie c says:

    I got 1 star it told me at the end of the test.

  6. Carol Gowett says:

    4.5 was my score.

  7. Oh I got Total score: 85 4.5 Nearly Ready!

  8. My score today was 62 on the activity.

  9. ellen beck says:

    My score ranges from 4.5 out of 5 and 79 or 80 total. I aam not sure which you want.

  10. Keri justice says:

    MY SCORE WAS 74. And then I got nearly ready 4.5 stars at the end.

  11. Susan Smith says:

    My score was 5 out of 5 stars

  12. Susan Smith says:

    I got 4.5 stars out of 5.

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