Really, USPS those are my stamp choices?


I bravely headed where no woman has gone before (with a male coworker).

The post office.

We both had some shipping needs that needed to be taken care of.

I needed to purchase 100 stamps; he had to send his third wedding ring back (he’s lost two, and this one was too big).

When I finally got to the counter, the postal worker asked if I wanted to see the “holiday” stamps.  To which I replied “yes.”

These were my choice:

image image

I asked if she had anything that was more traditional “Christian.”  She responded that “this one” (holding up the one on the left) was “Christian” while giving me the stink eye.

To me, the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus is more of a Catholic image.  You won’t see an image like that in our church.  (Just to clarify, I have nothing against the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus, it just isn’t my thing.)

Instead of a nice “Merry Christmas” stamp, or even one with a star or a Christmas tree, I opted for the super-lame, having nothing to do with Christmas pine cone stamps.

Blah to the tenth power.

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a pine cone.

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  1. I bought stamps for my Christmas cards today, and I didn’t even get an option. She gave me the Mary & Baby Jesus stamp. Thankfully I didn’t mind too much, but I didn’t even get an option.

    1. I guess I should be thankful for my choice.

      I wouldn’t have minded the Mary and Baby Jesus ones, I guess I just wanted a different option!

      1. I told her “I need 60 stamps.” And she handed me 60 stamps with no choice. I don’t even mind the boring “Forever” Stamps. But I agree a snowflake, Christmas tree, Santa, and Elf something would be nice.

  2. I thought the EXACT same thing today while I was at the post office getting stamps of my own. Who the heck chose these as the “holiday” selection this year?! Ugh. Just a plain ol’ ornament would’ve been more exciting!

    1. Glad to know I’m not alone. I just don’t get how a pine cone even says “Happy Holidays!”

  3. I bought the Simpsons stamps cuz the christmas stamps stunk

  4. Those are some pretty boring choices. Even though I swear my Grandma has those Mary and Jesus stamps EVERY YEAR! Happy Pine Cone Christmas!

  5. Justaflipflopmom says:

    OH NO… I have to agree with you 100% girl!!!!
    I’ve missed you.. now that I have a break from school.. I’m hoping to jump on my blog more.. and jump over to yours!! Your girls are growing and oh.. so beautiful!!

  6. I got those same pine cone stamps. I didn’t really think about them not being Christmasy till you mentioned it. I used them on all of my Christmas cards.

  7. First of all, I have to say I am glad you clarified about the 3 wedding rings thing because I was thinking “wow, he’s been divorced three times!!?!?” ha! Also, I don’t see how those second stamps have anything to do with Christmas… I agree they should have something a little more “Christmasy” and a little less… weird. ha!

  8. That’s funny because I was thinking the Jesus stamp illustration looks pretty good compared to previous years’ religious stamps! Heh.

    1. I guess I don’t even remember the previous canvas prints they use! All about the perspective, isn’t it?

  9. Aw, now I like the pine cones. When I bought my Christmas stamps, I ended up behind a guy who was angry because they didn’t have a black Jesus stamp.

    1. The pine cones are fine…I just don’t think they should advertise them as “Holiday” stamps. Pine cones are in trees all the time. There isn’t even snow on the leaves.

      Now, the guy you got stuck behind..that’s hilarious.

  10. I got the pine cones, only because I always buy too many and then they jack up the price, which then requires an additional trip to buy those crappy 2 cent stamps. You would think there would be more options.

    1. You know, I think they are all “Forever” stamps now, so even if they jack up the price, your stamps still work:)

  11. ah I agree with you!! What horrible choices!! I don’t have anything against Mary either but that isn’t really even a pretty image!

    1. I saw those online…but after I went to the post office. I think it’s funny that they have Hanukkah, Kwanza and Eid, but nothing more traditional Christmas? Like a manger scene or something like that?

      I think I got the snowman/gingerbread ones last year, but no option for those this year.

  12. Pine cones? That is definitely interesting! I have not gotten my christmas stamps yet but i am interested to see what i will end up with now!

  13. You are pretty funny. Do you remember when you and Emily decorated and sold pine cones at Christmas time?

    1. I was just telling M about selling mistletoe the other night. I forgot about the pine cones.

  14. I like the Mary/Jesus stamp…if I had to choose. Now, the one that Kristen linked…the snowman and nutcracker? THAT is a holiday stamp that I would like to have.

    1. Sadly, they didn’t offer me those. I hoped by asking they would, but those were my options.

  15. I definitely will decline the Mary pictures….no offense, but Christians are not the only one living in America. A simple holiday picture or a picture of snow/ornaments would suffice.

    1. They also had Hanukkah, Kwanza and Eid stamps available online. I guess the selection was limited at my post office..which is huge and the only one in like a 20 mile radius.

  16. Lame.

    Not that the Virgin Mary is lame, but as a stamp choice… totally.

    Thanks for the reminder, I need stamps. I love the automated machines 🙂

    1. I do, too. But my coworker had to wait in line…and I wanted to pay cash:)

  17. You crack me up! I didnt even notice the pine cone on my card from you..I guess I was so excited to open the card! We all know how much I love my Christmas cards! ha
    The card was totally adorable!! (as always!)
    I always stamp my cards on the machine at work, so mine are really generic! lol

    1. Generic might be best:)

      Glad you liked the card. Hope you turned it over!

  18. Indeed! I always think of Christmas when I see pine cones…never fails!


  19. i got nothin.

    i just think its interesting to read peoples thoughts on stamps.

    i need a life.

    but you already knew that.

  20. Not even a snowflake??!! Boy, it is slim pickings at the post office this year! Pine cones here I come…

  21. Susan Moseley says:

    I guess we’ll use the Evergreens stamps this year, too. No Christmas type stamps left to buy. I just stamped the words “Merry Christmas” on the envelope near the bottom left side, and added some cute Christmas tree stickers to the back of the envelope.

    1. Yeah, I saw them online, too! But, I wasn’t on top of things enough to buy them online and wait for them! Shouldn’t all of the offices have the same ones?

  22. I felt the exact same way when I saw what was available for “Christmas” stamps. Not my cup of tea, that’s for sure!

  23. I like the Mary ones, but I’m Catholic.

    That said, Nathan bought the pinecones. I thought of ordering ones of the website but I was too slow on the uptake.

  24. did we go to the same post office?
    i know what you mean

  25. Really, Mary holding the baby Jesus is a Catholic thing? C’mon man that is about as universal Christian on Christmas as you can get….ever hear that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus…a baby and a mother are needed for a birth. I agree the pine cones are lame Christmas (even lame “Holiday Season”) stamps.

    1. Yes, it is a Christian image, but at a Methodist, it isn’t the typical Christian image I associate with Christmas. Especially, that particular image. And, yes, of course Mary has a very integral role in the birth of Jesus.

      You won’t walk into our church and see pictures of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus all around as you would a Catholic church (and yes, I’ve been into one).

      In previous years, they’ve had the three wise men, a manger scene with the star, etc.

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