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You’ve never guess looking at this picture that a week ago we were sitting in the ER with a doctor deciding if gluing or stitching above her eye was the way to go. With a combination of little to no fear and almost super-human strength, I guess it was only a matter of time. These “evensies” (#2 and #4) kids of ours just have that extra level of spunk in them. 

Bubble Wrap B Mommy and Me Monday

So for the next 4 months, we have to massage that injury (you can see it just above her right eye if you look close. Trying to not gross people out too much!) twice a day and keep it extra protected from the sun. While we are at it, we are going to go ahead and protect her head and the rest of her with a helmet and bubble wrap, too. 

Bubble Wrap B Mommy and Me Monday

Last week, while walking UP the stairs at Grammi’s house, she tripped and caught herself with her chin and eye socket area. I think I knew from sound of the fall (being steps away), but when she didn’t immediately say, “I’m okay” (which is her usual), I asked. I didn’t get a response and I jumped to action. When I got to her, she was holding her eye. I knew she had a toy in her hand, too, and I was so worried she’d hit her eye. I almost didn’t want to pull her hand away to see it.

When I saw her was okay, I barely noticed that she actually had a cut and was bleeding. Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot of blood, but I knew it needed professionals to get it fixed up. 

One call to urgent care told me that they wouldn’t be able to help us because of the location of the injury and her age. So, we had to go to the ER…which was actually attached to Urgent Care. So, I did pop in one more time to have them look at it and make double sure they weren’t able to fix it. They confirmed so we walked into the ER. 

Once the doctor came in and we had a plan in place (hopefully using glue, but not a final decision until it was numb and properly irrigated), a nurse came in and put some numbing medicine on it. B got to be a pirate for about 45 minutes while it was doing its thing.

waiting to get numb

Once it was good and numb, the doctor irrigated it and was confident in his assessment that gluing was the way to go. (The stuff you can see on her face is paint pens…a rainbow and unicorn horn.)

He called in for some more assistance to make sure that he approximated the wound well and didn’t glue her eye shut and then she was ready to go. 

all glued up

One pink bandaid and an ice pop were all it took for us to be on our way. She was so brave and barely cried at all. The biggest bummer was that she didn’t get to play in the waterslide at her cousin’s house, missed a visit to a waterpark and some pool time. Thankfully, there’s a lot of fun to be had and most importantly, she’s okay!

The girls spent the week with family, getting extra spoiled while Mr. Serious and I had a quiet house to ourselves. They are all home and we are all sleeping in our own beds which is nice, too!

What did you do this week?

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