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It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information. Need another reason to participate in Mommy and Me Monday? Read my post about why I blog with words from a friends’ husband.

The four month wakeful crap-ola? For the birds. So thankful for the ol’ blog because we are living exactly the same thing we did with E, almost down to the day for the wakeful period. Poor B doesn’t know what to do with herself, and we don’t know, either. 

During a brief sleep, E and I enjoyed a little late FROZEN-ing while daddy and the older two were at the store. It was nice to have her to myself because it’s been a while that it’s been just the two of us. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more.

Watcha FROZEN | Mommy and Me Monday

We also spent some time discussing with the kids what and why we have Memorial Day. What did you do this holiday weekend? 

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**There really is only one requirement here, a picture of you and your baby or babies; your children, your “baby” (ie significant other) or even your fur babies. If your picture doesn’t feature you (meaning you must be in the picture), I will have to delete your link. It’s not fair to the others that follow the rules.**

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  1. What a sweet picture! I’m sure she loved having some alone time with you. It’s so hard to divide time when you’re a mommy. I feel that way, and I only have two. You’re amazing.

  2. I think a little one on one time is important for all kids. As for us, we have had such a great family weekend. We went hiking Saturday, hit NYC for the day yesterday and today we’re off to the beach!

  3. You know, I don’t have any pictures with my Mom and I when I was a kid…. none. We are just chillin today. Have a great Memorial Day.

  4. We just watched Frozen for the first time the other day. My son wasn’t interested, but I sure was!

  5. I love the fact that you discussed Memorial Day with your kids! It’s important for them to know why we celebrate the holiday. Great job!

  6. We love watching Frozen! This weekend, my oldest has been at Nana’s so it’s been quiet here. Baby D has been waking up during the night 1-2 times, so we started rice cereal this weekend. So far, so good!

  7. It is so important to teach kids the significance of the holidays we celebrate. So much gets lost in the commercialization of memorial day sales and parades etc. I just got back from a wedding in New Orleans and working today because the kids had school. They had to make up a snow day (well it was ice)

  8. I remember missing my one on one time with my oldest once my little one was born! It is great that you got in some mommy and big sister time!

  9. So sweet. I love it when I get one on one time with my girls.

    I think I already said this but it bears repeating; I hope B starts sleeping better soon!!

  10. Our little guys birthday was this weekend but we didn’t have anything major. Just a little cake and a few small gifts. His big gift (wooden swing/slide combo set) is being delivered this week! YAY! We’re planning on having a late birthday party with just friends and family this next weekend or the one after, depending on the weather. P.S. WE love Frozen!!!

  11. Our holiday weekend was pretty boring. We spent some time cleaning out old clothes. If it stops raining we are going to grill. Thanks for the link up!

  12. I can;t imagine the hard work it is to make time for individual kids when you have more than one. I know I love my one on one time with just my son, no other family, just us chatting away.
    And love the picture!

  13. We had a big family dinner. The movie is a great idea. So fun!

  14. Aww so adorable, mommy and daughter! She is a cutie! I will have to get a pic of my daughter and I to add.

  15. Sounds like a relaxing weekend! There was some Frozen action over here too

  16. I love that you do this!! I always say I need to get in pictures more but then I never do!

  17. You both look happy! I need to watch frozen, everyone but myself has watched it ere in the household, and even my husband was moved by the movie.

  18. We love Frozen in our house. What a great way to spend time together.

  19. We try and do one on one time with the kids often. It doesn’t always happen, but we do try. I think it’s important! Looks like you enjoyed your little slice of time 🙂

  20. It’s nice to have some one on one time with a kid. Sounds like the two of you enjoyed the moment nicely.

  21. That one on one time is so nice! We had a birthday party here and did some Spring cleaning too. It was pretty good!

  22. oh my goodness honey she is just edible!! and big. for real big. how did that happen?

  23. I think we have watched frozen a good one hundred times. All of my kids know every single line to the movie.

  24. Mommy and me Monday sounds perfect! I think I should start doing that with my son also!

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