TENTH ANNIVERSARY of Mommy and Me Monday | 524th ed


It’s the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of Mommy and Me Monday! Look at these teeny tiny littles in the very first one

First Mommy and Me Monday at the Aquarium

Truth be told, I almost completely forgot the anniversary was this week! Thank you timehop for that reminder!

For 10 years I’ve made sure to capture at least one picture a week with at least one of my girls. Who knows if they will look back and be happy about it, but right now they love seeing the pictures. I love seeing them, too. From the simple and mundane to the fun and adventurous. We’ve covered a lot of ground in these 10 years!


It was quite timely that we spent our winter break on vacation together and were able to capture quite a few mommy and me pictures!

Upon arriving to Mexico, clearing customs and immigration, we were off to our resort. Oh, and the girls finally were able to get their passport stamps, only 8 months before they expire!

Mommy and Me Monday shuttle van

We quickly checked-in (to find our rooms not ready), lunched and changed into our swimsuits for some time at the pool. Who knew my once reluctant swimmers would now be all over the place in the pool? (My personal pool favorite? The slightly heated one…even in Mexico!)

E was kind enough to hop out for a bit and enjoy some sun with me. And a second or third sunscreen application.

Mommy and Me Monday Cancun pool

We got our rooms ready and quickly changed for an early dinner with my second cousin and his family. Or cousin once removed? Who knows! But, it was fun that we ended up at the same resort at the same time and were able to have dinner with them. Of course, we failed to get a picture!

What I did get is this silly faces gem. B is all about the silly faces! And we seem to oblige! Get those pictures whenever and however you can!

Silly faces before dinner Mommy and Me Monday

We thought we didn’t have any beach access (due to a concert series and stage we didn’t know about), but we discovered we could access the beach at a neighboring/sister resort. The beach here definitely isn’t like Grand Turk or Castaway Cay but the kids enjoyed playing together in the shallow surf and digging in the sand. 

And we managed to get one nice family picture that isn’t a selfie!

Mommy and Me Monday Family Beach picture

I stopped and grabbed one picture with my two reluctant beach go-ers. One is terrified of the idea of sharks and the other doesn’t really like the beach water. I won’t divulge which is which, but I can appreciate both of their reservations! (I like the sound of the beach and the atmosphere, but I want calm and crystal clear water to get in!)

Mommy and Me Monday on the beach

We had a great time together and some fun in the sun. We did pretty good with sunburns, but definitely have some darker freckles. 

So, here’s to 10 more years? Who knows! In 10 years almost all of my kids will be off doing their own things, but I’m going to try!


GET IN THE PICTURE WITH YOUR KIDS! Who cares what you look like? Cares how you appear? Who cares what you are wearing? JUST DO IT! Come share your picture on the Facebook thread or use #MommyAndMeMonday!

It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids. Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information. Need another reason to participate in Mommy and Me Monday? Read my post about why I blog with words from a friend’s husband.


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