It’s all about the attitude


Alternate title: Thank goodness Sam’s Club has cooked pizza and hot dogs.  Oh, and 4-berry ice cream sundaes, too.

Today was the first day back at work after a wonderful two week break.  It was 18 degrees outside with a wind chill of 5!  I don’t live in the UP of Michigan people.  This is darn cold.

But, we survived the days cold and chill and made it through the first day back to work.

Realizing the gas light went on when I arrived at work, I planned to get some gas on the way home.  I pulled up to the pump (with the girls yelling and trying to “talk” to me through the glass) and filled her up.

That’s when it all went downhill.

I went to start the van.  Click.  Click.  Nada.  Nothing.  It didn’t even try to start.

Crap.  That’s my first thought.

Shoot.  That’s me realizing it is 18 degrees outside and I’m going to need a jump.

Click.  Click.  I try again.  Nothing.

At this point, the guy next to me realizes what is going on.

I get out and pop the hood.  He asks if I have cables.  I do.  I’m prepared like that.

He finishes pumping and drives around.  He gives me a jump.

All the while, I know this won’t last long.  I know that we need a new battery (it has been on the fritz).

I head home.  I start calling Sam’s.  That’s where we bought our last battery.  Good prices and relatively convenient.

No answer.  The customer service counter says they are busy.

Don’t they understand I’m a mom with two kids…and it’s almost 5:00pm.

I got home.  Got the kids out of the car and kept thinking.

I have to get a battery.  I got them a snack and loaded them back in the van (after making sure she would start).

I winged it.  We needed a new battery and I remembered that Sam’s has a mini-food court.  I called Mr. Serious.  He was going to meet us there.

We arrived at Sam’s.  They said 1.5 hours.  We walked around for a while.  #2 saw a boy playing with a ball.  She proceeded to yell “BBBBAAAALLLL!” for the next 10 minutes so everybody in the store could hear her.

I decided it was time for food.  We ate hot dogs and pizza for dinner.  At Sam’s.  While getting a new car battery.  And, it was awkward and silly and weird and perfect.

The girls behaved very well (even with the “BBBAAAALLLLL” yelling).  They were fed.  We were fed.  And, we got a new, reliable battery.

I guess I am growing up and maturing.  The old Krystyn would have been thoroughly ticked off.  She would have called her step dad to ask him what to do.  Then, she probably would have waited for Mr. Serious to get home and high tailed it to a place closer.

But, the new Krystyn?  She savored the moment.  Enjoyed the time with her girls being silly and eating stinky hotdogs.

And, it was PERFECT!

Sam’s Club has no idea I am writing this.  I paid for my car battery and for my hot dogs and pizza.  Oh, and the ice cream sundae that we split, too.  But, hey Sam’s Club, if you want to extend my membership, or give me a gift card, I’d be willing to write about that, too!

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry you had to go through that especially on a day like today! I'm impressed at the good attitude…I may have had to have a pity (spelling?) party.

    Although, I do have to admit that I love Sam's hot dog and pizza (especially the price including a diet coke). Sometimes I arrange my shopping trips around lunch or dinner just for the dogs. 🙂

  2. What a pretty great ending to a crappy situation!:)
    I was 'in a similar boat' on Christmas Eve. I had to be at the repair shop at 7am to get a new alternator and battery! Except I had to sit and wait by myself in a crappy waiting room. But I was just thankful someone would fix it on Christmas eve.:)

  3. I like your little disclaimer there at the end. We have a Sam's Club out here and I've never been inside it.

  4. I loved this post, Krystyn. LOVED it. And you made me just realize that I need to savor the moments, too. Stinky hotdogs and all 😉


  5. Having car trouble in 18 degree weather on you first day back at work after winter break is just TOO MUCH to handle….but it sounds like you handled it well.
    Good for you. Sorry that you had to go through all that though.

    Hugs, Lura

  6. I think having a second kids is what helped me chill out. I was so uptight when I just had Jack but since then I've chilled a ton.
    Oh, and glad you got a new battery!

  7. Hot dogs, balls, AND a car battery…only Walmart! (Sam's!)
    We went back yesterday, too, but YAYAYAYAY it's too cold (3–not 13 or 30, just 3) to have the kids wait at the bus stop, so we're off today.
    Crossing my fingers and praying for a ton of snow tomorrow!!

  8. brilliant post. brilliant perspective.

    i am so proud of you friend. and it's so true – not sure if it's age or mama hood – but the new "us" really is a much wiser, calmer, rational person. thank goodness 🙂


  9. Glad it worked out so well! I know I have definetly come to the conclusion that sometimes if I just roll with the punches its alot less exhausting than trying to fight for "normalcy." Good job, Momma!

  10. Well, it look like the new Krystyn is doing good!!
    Sucks that it happened, but now its all fixed!
    We went to Sams this weekend and got pizza, we were classy though and ate it as we walked around shopping! ha

  11. Well I know you did not mean for this to be funny but I laughed and laughed! LOVED this! YOU GO GIRL! Embrace the moment!

  12. so sorry about the car battery…but you did it! it is amazing what mommyhood can do to a woman. we become such GROWN ups! plus there is nothing better than those berry sundaes at Sam's and shared with your girls.

  13. I love how it didn't really rattle you and you just handled it. You're a big girl now!

  14. We had an extremely similar situation happen to us last spring. We now have dinner or lunch at Sam's occasionally. LOL! Their pizza is really good and it's so inexpensive! The Boys love going there! Half the time, we just walk around and go eat without buying anything else, ha ha!

  15. I think that is great Krystyn. And for the record, this mama almost always buys the kids the pizza deal before we go shopping there. It really cuts down on the "I NEED this" from my 4 and 3 year old.

    Good for you savoring the moment. That's really what life is…moments. Might as well embrace them when you can! 🙂

  16. dare I even tell you that my husband and I have had date night dinners at Costco? The food is good and cheap….we think it's win win.

  17. It's amazing the things that make us realize that we've grown up.

    You handled it beautifully, Krystyn! Congrats!

    Your "fine print" made me giggle

  18. So sweet. But I'm confused. Why do you have to write in whether or not you were paid for this? I've seen others doing it, too and I don't understand. It's your business!

  19. That's pretty cool……way to just go with the flow…..
    We recently had to do the battery run too…..but, it was easier…..TigerDaddy went to Sears, while we stayed home!……..

  20. That title totally had me expecting some sassy picture of Izzy! Glad it all worked out!

  21. Nothng better then a perfectly timed hot dog!
    Glad you got your zen on!

  22. Excellent job, mama! Gosh, why don't I think of Sam's? There's one less than a mile from where I live. And? I just discovered that four-berry sundae. YUM.

  23. You gotta get a pretzel there! So good!!!! Glad it all worked out.

  24. Thanks! I NEVER would have thought about Sams for a car battery….and we JUST had one put in. Next time! 🙂 And isn't it funny how we think eating at sam's is "perfect" once we have kids?! LOL! (not to mention, cheap!)

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