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Thanks to FONTIS for providing the water and water cooler for this FONTIS review.

Earlier this year, I did a full week detox. One of the things that it taught me besides mind of matter and that I really can do a lot of things is that I don’t drink enough water daily. I knew there was room for improvement, but I realized I could and should be drinking a lot more. Honestly, my kids should be drinking more water, too.

Fontis water review

If you see me, it’s likely I have a refillable water bottle in my hand, too. I don’t like worrying about getting thirsty. Once you are actually thirsty, you’ve waited too long to drink water. I usually fill my bottle with our filtered fridge water, but admittedly, I am not the best at remembering to replace said filter.

We used to have a water cooler and purchase bottled water when we first moved to Georgia. And then, when we bought our house, we stopped…because of that filtered water in the fridge. But, we were recently given the opportunity to try out a local bottled water (and coffee and water filtration) service called FONTIS.

Fontis water review

FONTIS delivers 100% natural spring water from the mountains of North Georgia as well as coffee, tea, other beverages and water coolers both commercially and residentially in the Atlanta area. Fontis Water guarantees that they provide fresh water that tastes great.

Our first delivery

For the very first delivery, a service person came out, set up our cooler where we wanted it and delivered our first 5 gallon bottles. He also explained how the cooler worked including the child safety mechanism on the hot water (yes, the hot is hot and the cold is perfectly chilled).

Fontis water review with water cooler

It gets so hot, in fact that it’s great for making tea. I don’t have to wait for the kettle to boil!

FONTIS water for my tea

Drinking more water

Our refrigerator water dispenser did tell us how much water was dispensed at a time, but not an overall total. Getting the kids to use it and drink from it was a chore. For whatever reason (and I don’t think it’s “newness” because that has worn off), the kids love drinking water out of the “glug-glug” water dispenser. They will help themselves to water more often and drink from it more often. I also learned that we can easily go through a 5 gallon bottle of water in about 5 days with our family!

Fontis water review kid getting water

I also find myself drinking more water. It tastes better and it’s the perfect cold temperature. Typically with our fridge water, I would have to add ice to make it cold enough and that takes up precious space in my water bottle. With the Fontis water and water cooler, I’m not adding ice and find myself refilling my water bottle more frequently then I used to. I needed it too! I was hardly drinking 30 ounces of water a day and working out. Now, I get double that most days…and should still strive for more.

Subsequent Deliveries

When my redelivery date comes (you’ll get a schedule for your delivery dates), I receive a call to remind me to put out our empty bottles.

FONTIS water empties

They take my empty bottles and deliver refills and I’m good to go until my next delivery date. (Yes, there is a third one…we were plum out of water and it immediately went on the cooler!)

FONTIS water refills

Adjusting your water amount

You might find that you are using more water than you anticipated. If that’s the case, just give Fontis a call and they can quickly and easily adjust your refill amounts to make sure you aren’t running out of water each month.

We have been very pleased with our water and delivery service. I really like that my family is now drinking more water!

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  1. I’m on #2 since my delivery and moved it into the kitchen. ALL THE WATER and I don’t even have to wait on the keurig for tea, now.

  2. Great job on the detox. With our water issues in Dekalb Co, having a water delivery service would have come in so handy this week. We had to boil water and buy bottles. As we get closer to summer, Fontis delivery would be idea.

  3. Sarah Smith says:

    It’s interesting that your kids are more interested in the noises of a traditional water dispenser and are drinking that water more. My husband and I would like to get our kids to drink more water, too. Maybe I should find a water delivery service in our area.

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