The weekend

Be prepared for birthday overload this week. Tuesday is my sweet #2’s first birthday and Wednesday is #1’s third birthday. I’ll try to keep it short.

The weekend was great. The girls had a blast and so did we. We had the castle bounce house for a full day. There was a lot of jumping and bouncing to be done. #1 did not want to part with her “princess castle!”

Like her sister at her first birthday party, #2 slept through the whole thing.

But, we did get a picture of them together in their bounce house.
Aunt Emily got some bouncing time with the girls.
And, #1 got to jump really high with Grandpa Joe.
#2 got to walk with Grandma and Aunt Emily.
And I found a great blue wall for an awesome backdrop. Of course the lighting was all wrong, but it sure is a cool wall. We will definitely be back. (Look at that sassy little foot point).
And a cool white wall, too. There might have been a bribe involving chocolate for #1 to take this one.
Happy almost birthday girls. Every time I look at you and hold you, I can’t believe that you came from me and that you are mine (well, I guess I should say “ours!”)


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  1. I love the family picture! So cute. Happy, Happy bday girls!

  2. Birthdays, yummy cake, adorable family, sassy pointings…what more could a person ask for?? 🙂
    Have a wonderful week of Happy Birthdays.

  3. Sparkette says:

    What fun! Happy Birthday sweet little girls! I can't believe how big they are getting! N has some length to her!

  4. happy birthday week honey!!

    we will be celebrating right along with you 🙂

  5. A week of Birthday Celebrations! What total fun! I love your pictures!

  6. AWW! happy birthday girls! I wouldnt want to let a princess castle go either!
    p.s. the oliva cake is sooo cute!

  7. GReat family picture! The birthday cake and bounce house looks awesome!

  8. That cake is just adorable – looks like you had a fantastic weekend – happy birthday to your girls!

  9. So sweet. I love the pictures. And I always say mine too…I never give Alex any credit! 😉

  10. Oh my goodness…those pics are so precious!!!
    I love Olivia! You did a great job with the theme!
    I cant believe Nat slept through the whole thing! I'm sure Izzy enjoyed the attention 😉
    Happy almost Birthday girls!!! You sure make your mom and dad (and Aunt Em!) proud!!!

  11. Oh, I love the sass!! And I love that you dress her in pink! Don't let anyone tell you that redheads can't wear pink!

    btw, how do you like the Ergo hip carry? Is it pretty comfortable?

  12. I cannot help but smile when I see those two gigantic smiles on their adorable faces! 🙂

  13. I just love this! You all look so happy and I love the fam portrait!

  14. That is the cutest cake and some of the cutest birthday pictures.

    You should be so proud of these little sweethearts.

  15. I love the family pic!

    And the pic in front of the white wall? I hope you frame that one for sure!

    Looks like y'all had a blast!

  16. Glad to hear the weekend was such a success and that your mom and Emily got to be part of it. Such fun! The girls are too cute together 🙂

  17. Oh what fun!!!
    Love how they can share their birthdays, yet each have their own day!
    Love the pictures……and hey, I know all about the power of chocolate!……

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