Commitment to Fun

Earlier this year, Mr. Serious and I made a commitment to more fun. One of the first things that prompted this was purchasing tickets to see the B52s with a big bunch of friends. At the time of the purchase, I was reluctant. It was expensive, we were going to have to get a sitter, I was still nursing, and it was the Friday night of my first week back to work.
However, we bought the tickets, put it on the calendar and waited for it to come around.
We swapped kiddos with friends, so we saved money on the sitter, #2 decided she wasn’t going to nurse anymore and as a 5th-year teacher, going back really doesn’t stress me out as much.
So last Friday, Mr. Serious got home and we hopped in the car to meet up with our friends. We hung out on the lawn where we were allowed to bring coolers and dinners and chatted. And while we only knew about 3 songs that the B52s played, we still had a great time.
And, even better was the entertainment in the crowd:
Before the concert we overheard him saying to his friends that he was going to be updating his twitter for his friends and that Ashton Kutcher followed him. He also said he likes to drink his wine and then take off his shirt. Hey, at least the man know what he likes, right?
But, really, it was a great time, and I was superbly glad that we went!
Now, we just need to plan our next activity to continue our commitment to fun. Suggestions welcome!
FYI: I was not the photographer here. I read the rules for the venue and it said no cameras. I am a rule follower. But, I didn’t mind borrowing a friend’s pictures:)


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  1. That is so much fun! And there is always at least one big character in the bunch. 🙂

    I'm glad you did this and I love that you're going to keep doing it!

  2. Look at you guys having fun!! What a great commitment to make!!
    Heres to many many more fun nights!!

  3. Oh my. It must have been hard to keep your eye on the stage with the sideshow entertainment!

    Fun suggestion: rock climbing gym. It's on our to-do date list!

  4. Hit up Buffet when he comes to your area! What's more fun than a bunch of parrotheads? Congrats on the lamp win! I'm so glad it was you. : )

  5. That is so fun, I'm glad you go to go and have a great time! Especially before we had the little ones, we went on "adventures", we drove up a couple states to go to a fun comedy show. We go hiking as a whole fam, how about putt putt (and ice cream), that'll take you back=)

  6. Good for you. My husband and I went to an indoor water park for our anniversary, it was fun. Especially since so may of the rides aren't suitable for little kiddos – so we finally got our turn.

    Craigslist often has cheap tickets too, for a quick, fun night out.

    Love the picture BTW, you rule breaker 🙂

  7. Your "commitment to more fun" sounds like fun! We hardly go anywhere without the kids, but I do admit that sometimes it's just nice to spend some quality time toghether. Maybe it's time for us to commit to some fun too.


  8. Glad you guys had fun!! 🙂 You deserve it! But you didn't deserve to be stuck next to that guy 😉

  9. I love concerts – Tim and I have been to too many to count! It's always a fun way to relax and have a good time.

    Here's to more fun times!

  10. That's hilarious about the picture!
    And I love the idea of a commitment to fun. I may have to bring that idea up to my husband.

  11. That pic and the story behind it are hilarious! I'm so glad someone had a camera so you could take a pic to document it, ha!

    And what a fun idea you and Mr. Serious have! Once we find a good babysitter around here I may have to borrow your fun committment 🙂

  12. I've been at a few concerts where the audience was more entertaining than the show itself. One of those times, I was about 13 and with my dad and saw a lot more than my young and embarrassed eyes ever wanted to.

  13. That sounds as much fun as a Jimmy Buffett concert! I love it.

    What a great committment too…maybe you guys can spend a day at the amusement park?

  14. So fun! I love people watching at concerts! I haven't been to a concert in so long!!

  15. A commitment to fun is a great idea.

    I bet that man in the crowd was hilarious. Glad you had a great time!

  16. Children of the 90s says:

    Sometimes the crowds at concerts are as entertaining as the band! Some friends and I went to a Journey concert once and ran into a big group of our middle school teachers letting loose–too funny.

  17. Go to a football game! I really think you would BOTH have a good time. They play good songs between the plays, the cheerleaders are pretty good (but hardly dressed, I know) and the entertainment is non stop! Or, you could go to a sports bar one night and play darts, shoot pool, play shuffleboard and have a few drinks. Another option is to see if there are any smaller places to go see music…maybe a House of Blues? They usually have pretty affordable cover charges and the bands are good!

  18. I'm glad you went out and had some fun!! YAY!

    Do you drink? (I don't remember…) If you do you could try a wine tasting. Those are always fun. Or a night of bowling – we love that!

  19. Fun Fun HMMM that is a word I will have to go look up in the dictonary. I just do not know that word but I like your guys definition of IT! LOOKS like it was a great time

  20. Sounds like an amazingly fun night. I love the idea of committing to having more fun–sounds like an idea I might be borrowing…

  21. I love to people watch in the audience too! Almost as great as the show. What a great ending to the first week back to work!

  22. Looks like fun! It's so great to get out isn't it?

  23. I am glad that you had such a great time going out with your hubby. I think that you should make Friday nights your date nights. You both deserve it.

  24. How fun! Can't wait to hear what else you guys do! I might take some of your ideas!!

  25. What a blast! I'm glad you all had so much fun – including Ashton's friend! LOL!

  26. Yay, good for you two – I'm glad you were having fun!!

    I suggest going rafting, always fun here!

  27. this is awesome honey.

    don't you love it when we go outside the comfort box and actually have a good time?

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