CSN Stores Piel Leather Purse Review and Giveaway

CSN Stores carries every item imaginable. From lamps to futons to purses and more.
Recenlty, CSN Stores sent me the Piel – Fashion Avenue Bucket Bag to try out. It is a really nice, real leather purse.
The site is really unique. It tells you all about the item, size, shape, description of the quality and even how often it is damaged with shipping.
This purse has tons of pockets both outside and inside, which I really liked. And, the red color is super fun. What I didn’t like is the long strap, which is totally my fault. I didn’t read that part of the description carefully enough. I’m just not a long purse strap kind of girl.
So, here’s were it ends up lucky for you. I only took the tag off and loaded my stuff into, and carried it to Bible Study it to find out that it didn’t work for me. So it hasn’t been “used” but I did try it out. And, since I took the tags off, I wasn’t allowed to send it back.
Therefore, I am going to pass this purse on to you. If you’d like to win this purse, here’s how:
For your first entry?
Leave me a comment…anything will do, but you know I like it if you can make me laugh:)

EXTRA ENTRIES– Please leave an additional comment for each extra entry!
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*Make sure I have a way to reach you, by either enabling your email through blogger, or leaving your email in the comment.
*Winners are chosen by random.org, so make sure you leave individual comments, not all of them in one!
*Winner has 48 hours to contact me, or another winner will be chosen.
*contest ends Wednesday, September 2nd, 9pm EST. Winner will be posted shortly after.
*since I will be shipping this item, I can only do shipping to the US. However, if you have a friend in the US that is willing to mail it to you, feel free to enter.
*rules for each entry must be followed to be valid.

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  1. Oh, it looks great. Sorry you weren't such a fan though.

    I don't really have anything to say that's funny…LAUGH!!

    Did it work?

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  2. I am a purse whore. I will even take sloppy seconds!

  3. Um….I think Lauren really wants this purse! Just call it a hunch 🙂
    I'm pretty bad about tag removal too. I'll have to start doing give aways vs. ebay – more fun and creative!
    BTW, love the comm. to fun. We've done something similar and are enjoying putting dates up for family and grown up fun (why does that sound so…dirty? Just mean dinner or a movie!)

  4. hope you are having a great weekend. Mine was fine until last night when our neighbors got drunk and rowdy-they kept us up the whole night! Now they are sleeping, the rest of the neighbors have gotten together and are making as much noise as possible…mowing lawns, kids outside screaming, loud music lol… guess they will get the hint. (and their payback too!)

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  5. Thankfully, I AM a long strap purse kinda girl! 🙂 Thanks for giving me the chance to win this rockin red bag!!!!

  6. Subscribe to your blog via reader!

  7. also follow publically!

  8. tweeted the giveaway


  9. What a great purse! I love the red. And every girl needs another handbag, no? ; )

  10. I have never heard of these purses before. It looks really cute and like something I would put on my shoulder in a store to "try" the feel. I like that it has one strap rather than 2 long ones…what is the point of that exactly? Besides getting all tangled up I see no point!

  11. I like that purse! It would be such a nice change from my omnipresent diaper bag 🙂

  12. Trade you straight up…this adorable purse for my not so cool diaper bag. 🙂


  13. karenmed409 says:

    Can I babysit that pretty red purse purse! I promise to take care of it. karenmed409(at)comcast(dot(net)

  14. karenmed409 says:

    new subscriber, karenmed409(at)comcast(dot)net

  15. What a lovelyl bag,it looks like it can carry almost anything.


  16. Im a follower


  17. I think that my MIL would LOVE this purse! If I win it is going to her for her birthday next month! Pick Me!

  18. I LOVE long straps…. and I totally don't have a red purse! (cross my heart!)… I have green, blue, black, brown, white, yellow…. but no red! 🙂

  19. Now this is a bag I would use. Thanks for the giveaway! Red is SOOOOOOOOOOOO Sexy!
    22luvroses22 (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. I follow!
    22luvroses22 (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. I subscribe!
    22luvroses22 (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. Thanks so much for the fabulous giveaway – I would be SO thrilled to win! I don't have a red purse and this one rocks! Also, you are so right…the CSN website is very cool!
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. I am following your blog (username Nelsby).
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. I subscribe to your blog's RSS feed.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. adrienne z says:

    This old bag could use a new bag

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