A glimpse into me…

Maybe it’s not as funny to you, but my sister and I found this hilarious! You see, there’s this rock, called Arch Rock in Mackinac Island, Michigan:
We were having a hard time getting a picture of my aunts and the rock in the same picture, so my aunt (the one already up) showed her older sister (not that much older) how to climb up onto the ledge. Sadly, I didn’t get that first part on camera. I think it would have been even funnier.

So, here’s the other aunt trying to climb up and us giving her directions!

What’s sad, is after the fact, she told us that she felt like she was about to pull a muscle in her leg!!

So, this is my gene pool in all it’s glory. No wonder I’m such a goof ball sometimes.

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  1. Oh that is just too mean. Does she know you are posting this on the internet for all the world to see? Shame! 😉

    She is too cute. I love the happy dance at the end. hehe

  2. can’t believe after all that you got her to do the happy dance at the end!!

    too funny 🙂

  3. HA! Looks like my in-law side of the family. glad you guys had fun!

  4. LMAO!

    Do you think this is how we will be when we are older?

    What is sad is that I would probably be like this now!

  5. That is funny!! When I go to my family’s reunions, I always think “Good grief! I am going to look and act like that??” I don’t want to get older and dorkier than I older am!!

  6. That’s pretty funny. Even more funny if you know the people (which you obviously do) but still hilarious to watch. hehe

    What a gorgeous rock arch!! I thought only water formed arches like that. Wonder how this one was made…very cool!

    and, the happy dance rocked.

  7. Hilarious!
    Love her “moves” at the end.
    I think this could have easily been me.
    I hope there are no funny videos of me floating around the internet.

  8. That rock is actually amazing… But your aunts were quite funny!!! LOL LOL.. I think it’s a happy and fun loving gene pool!! You’re blessed!!

  9. MY Aunts would have so killed me for posting!!!! LOL LOL So you are a brave GIRL to post it!


  10. When I try to look the second picture doesn’t load……


    Maybe it will work tomorrow? I’ll be back by to check! 🙂

  11. Oh she is going to kill you!! What a funny story though..and beautiful pictures!!

  12. This was hilarious! I’m sure your aunt appreciates that we all got to see it! Sleep with one eye open! She may get some revenge on you!

  13. hahaha!!!!! That was pure comedy right there!!

    The happy dance was the perfect ending!

    Happy POW!! Thanks so much for playing!

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