Not Me Monday-Back to School


Not Me Monday time.
The brain child of MckMama. I love it…and I’m not admitting to anything.

I did not leave my pump at work Friday afternoon. And, it was not full of 24 oz of white gold.

I did not call Mr. Serious and beg, cry, and whine to ask him to stop on his way home and get it.

I did not worry that there wouldn’t be anybody there to let him in.

I did not thank him profusely when he was successful on his mission of retrieving my pump and white gold.

I did not have a great day Saturday joining some ladies from my wine and dining group Bible Study at Cheri’s house. It’s not a lake house…as I dubbed it, it’s a mansion on a lake. They went the whole weekend, but we went up for the day.

I did not drive the minivan on the freeway for only the second time since we purchased it.

I did not enjoy my margarita while we were out that day. Yummy!

I did not finally buy myself a new pair of tennis shoes. My old ones definitely were not purchased right after #1 was born.

I did not wish that there were 3 days in this weekend. Or 4 or even 5.

I did not still get three blogs designed this week even with all of the chaos that went on.

I did not come back to work and my classroom to find my microwave had gone through a food war zone…and I did not find the same thing my fridge later in the week full of an exploded Diet Coke.

I did not spend over an hour texting and then on the phone with Stephanie trying to get our Wii’s to communicate with our Miis to play Mario Kart. We finally gave up at 10pm. And, we didn’t even get to play.

I hope you do not participate too this “Not Me Monday!”

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  1. All that AND you designed three blogs? Oh wait. No you didn’t!

    Well then, you are NOT amazing! ; )

    Here’s to a great week ahead!

  2. I did Not Me Monday too but MckMama hasn’t yet 🙂 Opps! I am glad I am not alone.

  3. Haha! I LOVE these! They’re so fun to read…I’m thinkin’ about doing it!

  4. Thank goodness he saved the liquid gold. I would NOT have cried for it to go to waste. Sounds like a busy week. Great NMM’s. Have a great week.

  5. Hehehe, love Not Me Mondays!! I cant believe you got 3 blog designs done!! You are awesome 🙂 And I LOVE mine! And so does everyone else!

    I also wished the weekend was a LOT longer!

  6. That precious white gold! The lengths we will go to hang on to it. And God forbid something happen to it!

  7. I love these posts! I’ve read MckMamas for a while now..glad you are participating!
    Sounds like you had a busy but fun filled weekend!
    Cant wait to see who wins!!

  8. I DID NOT enjoy this Monday blog…. you are so funny…

    I used to get upset by students that would not stand for the pledge too…. this post reminds me why I am so glad to be retired.

    Have a good week.

  9. that my friend is a very, very wonderful hubby 🙂

  10. okay- obviously I had NO idea you could play Wii together from different homes…..and I thought they were cool before! Sweet.

  11. That stinks that you never got to play Mario Kart together. It’s the best!

    My brother and I try to connect to play Mario Kart sometimes, and it is very complicated! So I feel your pain.

  12. These lists are hilarious! I think you need to not enjoy margaritas more often though!

  13. I was there when she was trying to connect with you (well for the first 5 min) – hope you figure out soon because I think I am getting one soon!! (if I can FIND one!)

    Glad the hubby got your white gold in time!! and why in the world is that only the 2nd time you have driven on the freeway?? are you one of those people thats afraid of driving??

  14. wow…you did not do a lot more than I did…however I did not do some of the same stuff…
    oh, and you did not put in how you did not arrive at church 1/2way through the service! lol

  15. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    really? just getting new tennies? Which PS, nobody knows what I am talking about when I call my shoes that.

    They all say sneakers or runners..

  16. This was too cute! I love Not Me Mondays 🙂

  17. Wow. What a busy weekend, hon. And, I would’ve done just about anything to get the white gold. Tell Steph to go to the conference with me, too – kay?

  18. A minivan!?

    You just made them cool in my book then.

    Love your not me’s!

  19. And I did NOT spend some of my time online yesterday still trying to figure it out. Ugh! Stupid Nintendo…

  20. Oh, and when I read pump, I was thinking of a shoe (of course) and was wondering what on Earth filled your shoe up. It took me a minute.

    Did I really just admit to that??

  21. haha…these are always so funny! And I’m still giggling about the “white gold”. hee hee!!

  22. i love all of the things you didn’t do!! what grade do you teach, i didn’t know you were a teacher?

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