Public Service Announcement

This is brought you to by #1.

Put this number in your cell phone, your wallet, on your fridge, give to your sitter, your parents and anybody else that has kids, wants kids or watches kids.


That’s the number for Poison Control.

When you need this number, I can pretty much guarantee your mind is racing a mile a minute, and you won’t be able to remember the number, or even where it is, so it must be staring your right in the face.

Why am I telling you this? Because #1 got into some vitamins this morning. Yes, she can open child proof lids. Yes, it is our fault she could even had access to them.

However, kids are curious. They want to do what you do. And, they are smart. They will figure out a way to get it if they really want it.

So, put that number in your phone.


Because I freaked out and tried to figure out how to get the number for Poison Control (Free 411 does not work). Then, in a brief moment of clarity, I remembered I had it in my cell phone.

Fortunately, the vitamin she took wasn’t a multi-vitamin and it only had a couple things in it. And, she “just had one” (so she says; and since she had to chew the adult vitamin, I hardly imagine she had more than one). So, she just can’t take her vitamin for a couple days.

Whew! I’m quite relieved. But, I’m still quite shaken. I hope you never, EVER have to use it, but if you need it, I hope you have it.

(See, Aunt Emily, #1 gets into trouble with me, too).

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  1. Glad she’s okay! And thanks so much for the advice 🙂

  2. yikes, glad everything is ok, how scary!!

  3. omg, that is so scary! I’m so glad she’s OK..

  4. I just saved the number in my cell! Thanks so much!
    I’m so glad she is ok! How scary.

  5. First Glad she is OK! Second Kids get in to everything! Great Post and I hope the rest of your day gets better if not GREAT!

  6. putting it in my phone right now!!

    glad to hear she is ok 🙂

  7. Wonder if it works in Canada probably not. Glad she is okay!

  8. I’m glad she’s okay! I had to call it once when my kids drank soap. Ugh! I had lost the number since then, so I’m glad you posted it! I’m putting it in my cell!

  9. Crazy Mama says:

    I’m glad she’s ok. Unfortunately I’ve had to call poison control numerous times. From deodorant to dishwasher gel packs to ant houses(that one was my dog). I’m praying I won’t have to call them again.

  10. What’s up with our kiddos? (yes, yours is a real child and mine is a dog) Shiner got into something last night and has been HORRIBLY sick ever since. Oh the things I have cleaned up in the past 12 hours. Ick! So glad Izzy is ok! What a smart mom you are for having poison control’s number in your phone!

  11. I’ve already had to call them. I thought my oldest drank some hand sanitizer. UGH. And those people that I talked to were NOT nice. They pretty much told me I was a bad mother to accidentally drop my purse on the ground and my kid to find it 4 hours later. It was my fault, but they didn’t have to rub it in!!!!

  12. Done it – twice! The first time my mother hung up on 911 trying to find poison control’s #…don’t do that. They will send a patrol car. We also had the vitamin incident. It’s all good – we’ve been there.

  13. oh my gosh! bless your heart! I am so glad she is ok! I am putting that number in my phone now!! thanks girl.

  14. oh no! I can’t even imagine how much you were freaking out. Glad she’s ok!

  15. Oh my gosh!! Scary!!! I am SO glad she is okay! Has your heart returned to normal palpitations?

  16. that is really scarey. when my fourteen year old twin was 2 she drank weed killer from the garage. we rushed her to the er. she was fine, but it was onee of the scariest things I had ever gone through. thank goodness your baby is ok. and thanks for the reminder!! ♥ LA

  17. I am so glad that Izzy is OK. Sorry for the scare.

    I am also sorry about the double spilled liquid white gold. Too bad.

    Love you!!

  18. oh dear gawd K, i am so glad she is ok!

  19. How scary! I’m so glad she’s ok!

  20. Great advice! So glad that she is okay.

  21. Thanks, I really, really should do that now instead of blogging…

    I’ll bookmark you instead 😉

  22. I’ve had it for a while and luckily *knock on wood* never had to use it.

    Glad your sweet girl is okay!

  23. I popped over from Kori’s site…cute design you did for her!

    I am putting that number in my cell right now. I guess we all know to call poison control, but we’d have to stop and look it up first, wasting precious minutes. Yikes.

  24. That’s a scary moment, I know. I’ve had to call poison control a few times. It’s not fun. And you feel like the worst parent. And they want to know so much info about you to keep track…I’m sure there’s a file on me.

    And when I was little, I ate almost a whole bottle of Flintstones vitamins…the ones WITH iron. So I had to have my stomach pumped. I just really thought they were yummy, apparently…

  25. I have it posted in 2 places in my kitchen but you’re right, in the cell phone is a good idea too.

    Sorry about your little scare and glad to hear it wasn’t too severe. That stuff scares the heck outta me!

  26. for some reason I couldnt view your blog on Friday, so I just read this today – I’m glad it was just a vitamin she got into! and glad she is okay! I’m sure that was pretty scary 🙁 but everything worked out 🙂 thanks – I’m putting that number in my cell in case anything ever happens to Karys while I am around!!

  27. So glad all is well, I have had to use this number twice in 6 years luckily nothing horrible!!!

  28. Oh my!! I am glad she is okay. And I just put this number in my phone. I think we all should have that.

    Oh, and I just figured out how to follow your blog and feel kind of silly for thinking it was complicated. Haha! Better late than never right? I’m trying to catch up here 🙂

  29. Phew, so glad that she is fine! But I have been there!!! We accidentally (out of pure stupidity) gave my daughter a triple dose of her amoxicillin (she is tube fed so she didn’t actually have to drink the crap). I was freaked! But they said not to worry. And she was fine.

  30. This is something I would have never even thought of! Thanks Isabelle!
    And thank God she’s ok!

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