Customer Service 101


I really have to control myself with this one, so as to not put the name of the restaurant…even though I really want to.

I must preface this with the fact that I have previously waited tables for a total of over four years, and my husband had for sometime as well.

We went to KCG on Memorial Day, after a nice little service in our community. It was about 11:10 am when we got there and the restaurant was completely full. It is a small little diner and there were two sets of people waiting in front of us. We all waited without any acknowledgement from the staff. One of the sets of people sat themselves at a table that had just cleared within about five minutes of our arrival. The next set of people were waiting with us, and another couple came in. We were waiting about 15 minutes, still with no acknowledgement of our presence when the people before us finally sat down. The rest of the people were either waiting for their food, or “camped” out at the table.

We noticed an older gentleman sitting at the bar reading a paper and drinking a coffee (clearly done with his meal). There was one seat available next to him. At the other end of the bar, there was a gentleman dining alone also with a seat next to him. If you know me, you are thinking, “why can’t one of these guys move so we can sit down and eat?” After contemplating, I decided to ask the guy drinking the coffee and reading the paper if he would mind moving down a couple seats so my husband and I could sit and eat together. He said no problem and was packing up his stuff.

Next thing we know, this 40-something waitress comes over, who probably smokes 2 packs a day with this orange cake-y makeup stuff in the crevices of her face. She asks the man “where are you going?” He says, “they asked me to move,” and I elaborated with “so we can sit down together and eat.” She rudely and boldly looked me straight in the eye and said “He is my customer and I don’t want him to move.” With this look in her eyes. I turned around and walked out…never to return.

I am still quite fired up even when reading this. In all my experience waiting tables, I never talked to anybody like that (even if I felt like it). There were plenty of times where I would ask somebody to move at a bar so as to accommodate as many people as possible. But, hey, what do I know.

If I could find the damn phone number for this place (I tried the city restaurant listing, google, and whitepages and found nothing), you bet I would be on the phone giving the manager/owner a mouthful. Even if I was out of line, she still didn’t have to be a bitch about it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    K$.. Holy shassbot! What a total bitch! I’m proud of you for walking straight out of there without giving her an earful right on the spot!! Mayhaps I can help you find the number to this place if you ever want to tell me which place it was!!


  2. L-dog:
    I will gladly tell you….It is a local joint in Smyrna…I would love the help to get word out to the owner/manager that this is how the employees treat potential customers.

  3. Anastasia says:

    the customer service in this city sucks. everywhere.

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