Movin’ on up…


We’ve finally decided to move up to a house, still not owning, but renting. It still means sharing no walls, floors or ceilings with anybody else. How great?!?

Moving really sucks. It addition to packing and unpacking, you have to deal with all of the utility companies who try to screw you. It sure wasn’t hard to get them connected, but getting them disconnected is another story. I called the gas company, and asked that it be shut off on Monday. They told me the earliest “appointment” they had was Thursday, but that I didn’t have to be there. So, now, if I don’t want to pay for gas I’m not using, I have to turn the water heater off. Also, AGLC charges a base fee each month. I’ll be damned if I get charged that monthly fee for two days in June because they couldn’t get it in gear. What was even funnier was the operator. He asked me if there was an address that I “would like my last bill forwarded to.” I told him, “no, I don’t want a forwarded bill.” Why did he ask the question like that? Of course nobody wants a bill forwarded to them. Why not say, “what is the forwarding address?” I guess some companies insist that their operators be cordial, and instead the come off sort of looking like an idiot.

In other news, did I mention that moving really sucks? It is a small price to pay to not hear lead foot walking around upstairs anymore.

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