8 Tips for a Successful Trip with Small Kids at Disney World


I’ll go out on a limb and say for the most part, our girls are very well behaved. (At least in public). Part of that, I attribute to keeping them on their typical schedule and doing things the same every day. When we were invited to Disney World, I knew that the days would be anything but typical.

8 tips for a successful trip with small kids at disney

1. A Stroller for Every Bottom.

(Okay, well, every little bottom….not the adults, although that would be nice!)

Two years ago, I got rid of our double stroller. N wouldn’t really ride in one, so I didn’t see any point it holding on to it. I immediately regretted it after our invitation. But, they I discovered something awesome. You can rent a stroller at Disney World! We used Orlando Stroller Rentals. We got the City Mini Double (which is the exact same double stroller we previously had) and it was $75 for 4 nights. We didn’t have to pack it in the car with us or worry about the space it would take up. It was delivered to our resort and waiting for us when we got there (with a rain cover and free cooler to keep). It also had a parent console for holding things like our phone or water bottles/drink. (That’s something we never had on our double stroller and should have!)

Orlando Stroller Rentals Review

At the end of our trip, even though we were at a different hotel, they came and picked it up for us (we just left it with bell services) and we could be on our way.

All three girls spent some time in it, and even had a nap or two. We actually also brought a smaller umbrella stroller so that we did have three seats for three bottoms! I was very glad that a friend suggested bringing it, because the girls got tired very quickly!

Orlando Stroller Rentals

2. Bring an Ergo or Carrier for the Littler Ones.

Yes, even though we had a stroller for E (15 months), she prefers to ride in the Ergo whenever possible. Yes, it did make us hot, but she was much happier riding around in there when she got tired. She could still see around when she wanted to, but also could snuggle in and take a nice nap (which she did!)

Napping on Mommy at Disney in the Ergo


3. Invest in a Misting Fan.

If you are going to be at Disney any time between like April and October, it’s HOT! I had looked all over the Atlanta area for a misting fan and couldn’t find one. But, if you can, scoop them up (one per kid) and bring them with you. If not, they were $15 at Disney and worth every.single.penny! They cooled the girls off, they cooled us off, and made them happy. I’m not one to pay for happiness, but in this case? I’d do it all over again!

4. Bring Hats and Sunblock.

Actually, if you are like us, bring two hats per kid just in case you lose one. It’s hot and sunny and they are so helpful in keeping their little faces cool and sun burn free. Of course, apply sunblock to every inch of their little bodies, repeatedly, too.

5. Bring Snacks and Water.

You are allowed to bring a cooler, water and snacks into the parks with you (just no glass or alcohol). I was soooo glad to discover this. I knew we’d go through a ton of water and snacks and didn’t want to stop at every little shop to get more water and more snacks for hungry and tired kiddos. If you are driving, bring bottled water with you. Some people bought their own bottles and filled them, but the water there has a funny taste to it. Just my preference.

6. Pack Changes of Clothes.

Especially if your kids are going in costume/dress one day to the park. They aren’t very breathable or comfortable and they will likely want to change. Plus, when kids get tired, there are increased chances of accidents and spills, so you’ll want to be prepared. Don’t forget extra socks, too.

7. Wear Good Walking Shoes.

Even with the strollers and Ergo (see 1 and 2), the girls still did their fair share of walking (so did we). I made sure that the girls (the adults too) wore tennis shoes every day because we knew they wouldn’t hurt our feet). At the end of the day, a comfy pair of flip flops is nice for letting feet breath.

8. Go with the Flow.

This is probably the most important one. Go with the flow. Yes, the schedule is off, yes the kids are tired, so you need to make sure you don’t over plan and let things just play out. We didn’t have any kid meltdowns, so I think this was quite successful for us.

After hitting the parks in the mornings, after lunch, the girls just wanted to go back to the hotel and hang out at the pool. I’m not one to make them do something they don’t want, so every afternoon, we went back to the hotel, and they went and played in the pool. It ended up working really well because E would be ready for her very late afternoon nap.

Going for a swim at the pool

As participants in the Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2013 we paid our conference fee, which included hotel accommodations, park tickets, meals, and other gift items. I was not required, or asked, to write about the conference, events, or speakers. The honest opinions are my own and that of my family. We were set up with the stroller rental service in exchange for our review.


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    1. I seriously carried like $100 with me to buy them. I didn’t care how much they cost!

  1. Nice tips – Especially go with the flow. You can ruin a trip by being inflexible, so it’s definitely the key to a great trip.

  2. Great tips! I really wanted one of those misting fans, but I kept letting my dad talk me out of buying one. It definitely would have made our days much more enjoyable! You did a great job with the girls.

    1. Oh, how could he? It will definitely be used again by us!

  3. Yep, I agree with all those! It’s rough on everyone so not feeling like you have to see/do everything really helps…we spent afternoons in the pool when we went too!

    1. Yep, we did what we could and we were okay with it. I knew that having a real plan would only backfire and leave us disappointed!

  4. will def have to bookmark this post for when we finally decide to go!!

    thanks friend!

  5. i really want to go back to DISNEY and reading this makes me even more so now 😉

  6. Those misting fans are fabulous!

  7. Great list but edit your Water part. Save space because if you ask any vendor for ice water they will give it to you. Water bottles weigh you down!

    1. But the water tastes NASTY! We threw the water in the bottom of the stroller, so it wasn’t really too much weight.

  8. These are some good tips. Our trip in September is all about Nick, so we’re already planning to go with the flow and do what he wants. Too many people push their kids to do a lot and it just ends in misery.

    1. Yes, it totally does and it isn’t worth it for anybody!

  9. I’m not brave enough to do Disney with little ones, but I would definitely wear the littlest one and possibly the 2 year old as well.

    1. It helped that we had my parents with us, definitely! Although the 4 and 6 year old were very, very well-behaved.

  10. This is a great post! I am a huge Disney fan and we go almost every year! It is nice to meet fellow Disney fans! I am a new follower of your blog by the way! I am loving your blog

  11. I agree with the stroller and good shoes! My daughter was 4 when we went to Disneyland last fall and we wouldn’t have survived without a stroller!

    1. I’m so glad my friend suggested bringing the single so we had one for everybody. I know it saved us some meltdowns.

  12. Great tips! Snacks are a must for every adventure with kids! 🙂

  13. I’ve managed to avoid Disneyland with the children so far, but I know our luck is running out! haha! My youngest is 5, the oldest is 18, and my husband and I have been discussing when we should plan a trip to the park. It looks like you had a great time!

    1. 5 really is a great age for it….and hopefully, you can get the 18 year old on board, too!

    1. Totally agreed…sometimes parents forget, I think and try to push their kids!

  14. Definitely great tips to keep in mind! I think we will go to Disney once Eli is a little bigger, so he can remember it.

    1. I’m not sure E will remember, but hopefully her sisters will remind her:) And the pictures!

  15. A trip to Disney with 3 little ones and no meltdowns? Sounds like it was a successful trip! 🙂

  16. Nicole McG says:

    My husband and I have had Disneyland passes for years but now we have a little son so I am thankful for your advice. =) Disney is so much fun!!!

  17. Amanda E. says:

    These are great tips! I can use these for when we go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg when our kids are a little older. Thanks!

    1. Even when they aren’t older, I hope the tips come in handy.

  18. I read this before I went to Disneyland and it was so helpful! I actually bought a stroller to fit a cooler specifically. I had no idea you could bring a cooler in and I am so thankful for your blog! It saved my family so much time and money.

    1. So glad it helped. I was so happy to hear that we could bring a cooler and food in, too. Of course, I ended up leaving the bulk of the food at our house in a bag, but we did have the option!

    1. I so wish we could have too. It was such a whirlwind and so packed. I didn’t get to meet half the people I wanted to!

      Yes, it was a little muggy and warm, but she was happy..especially with the misting fan.

      Also, how did I not know that Ergo had a blog…I tell everybody I know to get one….even if they look at me like I’m crazy!

  19. Such great tips! Especially the misting fan, I never think to remember to tell people to bring one because we ALWAYS pack our blue Disney themed one – it’s a MUST!!!

    Great reminder!

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