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For years, we had talked about taking an epic adult-only anniversary trip for our 10th anniversary. Then, we decided we wanted to have another baby, and she was born 9 days after our 10th anniversary (you should totally read that story…it’s a good one…she arrived at home accidentally). So that plan went by the wayside.

secrets resort montego bay review

This past fall, we decided that before we spent any more money on house stuff, we needed and deserved our vacation. So, we asked the grandparents and did a lot of planning and made it work. After all, we had been working really hard and saving money. We paid cash for our vacation, decided on an all-inclusive resort so we wouldn’t have any expenses while there and booked it with a travel agent.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Parenting is hard and with family not close by and baby sitters for 4 kids being expensive, it was important for us to have a get away all of our own. After talking with a travel agent and checking dates, weather, amenities, etc, we decided on Secrets Montego Bay, Jamaica which is an adult only resort.

secrets montego bay jamaica

I mean….this was the view from our balcony!!! which also had it’s own hot tub, table and chairs and drying rack. It was pretty much the most peaceful balcony!

secrets montego bay jamaica

We decided to upgrade to the preferred club for some extra amenities.

  • sun bed and soaking tub on a terrace only for preferred guests
  • a private club lounge with drinks and meals + snacks
  • a private pool
  • internet access in our room
  • upgraded mini-bar service
  • full size toiletries and bath amenities and many more perks

The room was bright and airy and minimalistic which was nice with  king bed, a couch, table and chairs, TV, dresser with mini-fridge. Y’all, it is HOT in January in Jamaica. We were so thankful for that ceiling fan!

secrets montego bay jamaica

The bathroom isn’t really a completely closed in room, there is just a curtain between the bathtub and the bed. I couldn’t figure out why until one evening I wanted to take a bath and Mr. Serious was watching TV. Voila, pull the curtain back and I could watch TV in the bathtub. There was also a nice sized shower with a rainfall and traditional shower head making showers super nice and relaxing.

secrets montego bay jamaica

The preferred rooms also had a stocked mini-fridge and premium alcohol. It turned out there was access to so many other drinks, we didn’t even get into the stuff in our room. But, it was there if we wanted it.

secrets montego bay jamaica

Remember that preferred pool, bar and lounge area I mentioned? This is it. There was a heated pool, but other than being quieter and more secluded, there were the same perks here as there were at the other pools and bars on property. This area was definitely more “chill” though. (Note to self…post pictures and post much sooner after a trip. If you wait two months, you will want to go back immediately!)

secrets montego bay jamaica

It seemed like the adults that were there to relax hung out here and if you wanted activities or entertainment, you went over to the other resort pools just one building away. I’d say we split our time 50/50 between the areas.

secrets montego bay jamaica

Even if you decide not to do a preferred club room, there are still many perks:

  • three full meals a day and snacks (like jerk chicken and fresh coconut)
  • limitless fruit juices and sodas
  • limitless international and domestic premium beer and top-shelf spirits (yes, this does make a difference!)
  • smoke-free suites
  • 24-hour room service (yes, I think I will have some fries at 11pm!)
  • pool and beach wait service
  • no reservations at restaurants (except if you want to dine at the hibachi grill)
  • bars “right near the beach”
  • water sports (paddle board, kayaks, snorkeling, etc)
  • land activities (yoga, basketball, ping pong and more)
  • access to the gym (get there early, it’s surprisingly crowded)

When in Jamaica, you must get a Bob Marley drink. Because it’s fruity and tasty and cold! Preferably you drink it by the beach!

secrets montego bay jamaica

A bonus of all of the resort? Look at the sunset. It didn’t set over the water for us because of the mountains, but man was it gorgeous! We walked out onto the jetties and just sat quietly and took it all in.

secrets montego bay jamaica

The night life was big at Secrets, too. There were concerts, entertainment, dancing and a piano bar. We only stayed up late one night. There isn’t supposed to be a need for cash, but we had great service at the bar and the bartender remembered us, so we gave him an extra tip. The good and bad of that is that he remembers your drinks and keeps filling them up. Then, you are very thankful for room service when you need to eat before going to bed…and maybe for room service in the morning for breakfast, too!

secrets montego bay jamaica

We found that the weekend activity schedule didn’t have as many things we were interested in doing, so we just took in the scenery, had some drinks and food and did activities that weren’t organized. On the week days we were there, we did a yoga class and also bike ride outside of the properly. We met “pops” who had delicious fresh juice and sugar cane for us to chew on. Also, he was a riot with the pictures.

secrets montego bay jamaica

We biked to a restaurant that was on a boat near the edge of the water. The view was amazing despite it being overcast.

secrets montego bay jamaica

And we biked to the end of the bay where we were able to see puffer fish and other seat creatures as well as have fresh almonds from a tree.

secrets montego bay jamaica

Would we go back to Secrets? Absolutely. We are already trying to figure out how to get another adult only vacation. Because of childcare, we were limited to 3 nights there and while it was amazing, I would definitely like to go back for a longer vacation to do more of the activities and maybe even an excursion to some of the beautiful waterfalls!

Where is your favorite vacation place?

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  1. I can’t wait for my vacation. We are thinking Costa Rica this year but we shall see.

  2. Mr. Serious says:

    When are we going back?

  3. Those views are KILLER! It’s so gorgeous and I was to sip that drink right from the photo.

    I would love to plan a special something with Chase for our 10th anniversary. We’re on 8 this summer!

  4. How luxurious!
    We’re coming up on our 7th anniversary and we STILL haven’t gone on a real child-free vacation except for when we’ve stayed Downtown and in Athens.
    Gotta show this to my husband to convince him.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! It looked like it was amazing! We’re headed this Summer to Montego for my brother’s destination wedding. One difference for us is that we’re making it a family trip and taking our kid with us, I’m sure we’ll still have a great time.

    Your pictures sure does get me excited for our trip!!! Thanks for sharing!


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