12 Fun ways to continue your workout routine while on vacation at Destinations like King and Prince Resort and More


I know it’s hard to believe because it’s not always on social media, but I exercise 5-6 days a week most weeks. I need it or my sanity and the endorphins…and the added fitness is a plus. So when I hit the road on vacation or a trip, I want to scout out the ways that I can make sure to fit my workout routine into my schedule. There are always ways to workout in the hallways or around with your body weight, but I thought I would point out some other options. These workouts likely won’t look like what I am able to do at home, but it’s great to improvise and mix things up.

How to continue your workout routine while on vacation

My most recent trip to partner King and Prince Resort left me with so many options.

1. Find the exercise room

I usually first ask about the exercise or fitness room/center. I actually like to check it out before I plan to get a workout in, too, so I know what equipment is there and what to expect. It can usually be hit or miss so I want to know what I’m working with. The Fitness Center at the King and Prince offered many cardio machines as well as exercise balls and matts and a free weight area.

cardio and weight room

It also had a filtered water station, which I was very grateful for. I might have made a couple extra trips over there just to get some tasty water.

get water from the fitness room

2. Go for a swim

Of course most of these options will depend on your resort, but getting a good swim in at the pool or even in the ocean is a great way to keep your fitness routine up to par. There were several mornings and afternoons I saw people swimming for more than just leisure at the pool.

go for a swim at the pool

3. Walk around historic grounds

A walk will get your heart rate up and still provide a good healthy boost of endorphins. Maybe you have a plan for how long you will walk before stopping and reading a sign, or have a plan for the distance you will cover. Bonus points if you can find a part with hills you have to tackle. This amazing landscape is at Christ Church.

walk around historic landmarks

4. Sunrise Walk or Run on the Beach

Start your day off by the ocean with a nice run or walk on the beach. It’s such different run then on pavement or on a track and your body will feel the difference. As a bonus, you’ll catch a great sunrise and have your workout all done before many other people are awake.

sunrise walk or run on the beach

5. Find some hills to climb

If you want to get a really good workout, head to some dunes, hills or even a mountain. You are sure to get in a great cardiovascular workout as well as some good leg muscle exercise, too. If you take the kids, they are also sure to go to sleep easy that night!

Hills dunes

6. Mid-afternoon/dusk stroll

After you’ve wrapped up dinner, get a nice walk in to take in some ocean breeze or the sights in the city you are visiting. Many places have sidewalks and access to tour around the area without the sun beating down on you.

beach stroll

7. Rent (or bring) your bike and go for a ride

On my trip to St. Simons Georgia, we had a lunch reservation at Gnat’s Landing. I decided to see St. Simons Island the ‘ride’ way. The island has 21+ miles of easy to navigate bike paths! I had a little extra time to meet the group, so I knew grabbing a bike from the local rental place, Ocean Motion, would be perfect (yes, the provide helmets and bikes for kiddos and/or trailers). I rented the bike, and took the 15 minute ride to the restaurant. Make an effort to pedal the entire way to get the most exercise for your buck and then spend some leisurely time riding to see the sights, too.

bike to lunch

8. Climb a lighthouse

This one, on St. Simons Island had almost 140 stairs. While there are landings where you can take a break, make a personal challenge to make it all the way to the top without stopping. My quads were on fire when I got to the top. There wasn’t a limit for how many times you climbed the stairs to the top, and the view is so rewarding, so aim for a couple times up and down!

climb up the lighthouse stairs or hotel stairs

9. Yoga, pilates or other classes

Make sure you inquire to see what classes are held at your favorite resort. We’ve found some really good ones just by asking. Sometimes they are free, and other times there is a minimal fee. Yoga on or near the beach is a completely different experience that we’ve been able to enjoy Stateside as well as in Jamaica and Mexico. The King and Prince Resort has partnered with Traci Jo Lee Founder of Sault 108 to offer yoga sessions on a fairly regular schedule at the resort.

find a yoga class

10. Go for a kayak or SUP/ Paddleboard ride

Both of these are great ways to check out a new location while also working your legs and/or arms. It’s like a one-two punch because you can explore the ocean, lake or river and give your body a good workout. Most beach or waterfront locations offer rentals right on the beach or nearby. The only bummer, like so many others is that these are weather dependent. At King and Prince, the surf was too rough for us to enjoy these water activities.

kayak rentals

11. Take a bike ride on the beach

Depending on the type of sand, you might be able to take a ride on a beach bike (or even a regular bike). The sand needs to be hard or firm if you actually want to move, but I imagine you won’t be able to rent a bike to ride on a beach with soft sand.

beach bike rentals

12. Take the stairs

It’s a simple one, but it so matters. After your initial check-in with your bags, take the stairs to and from your room. Our kids know that we are “stairs people” and don’t do elevators given the option. There have been some times where we’ve had to climb 10+ flights of stairs (I’m looking at you Carnival cruise and Georgia Aquarium parking lot), but we usually feel better when we get to the top and we don’t have to wait in line or cram into a crowded elevator.

always take the stairs

If all else fails and nothing on site inspires you, you can always check youtube and grab a workout video. I’ve been known to stream a video poolside and workout while my kids are in the pool. The key is to find something that works for you and get it done without excuses.

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  1. Oh, the Dune Buggy BIkes look like a lot of fun!! I would do that for an hour or two! And I always have loved kayaking. We just don’t live in a place where it’s convenient to drop in.

    1. I think a lot of people kayak on the “hooch but I’ve never done it, either.

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