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I can’t think of a time that I was able to have some real one-on-one time with E. Especially now that she’s not a baby. So, when Nintendo invited me out with kids to visit their headquarters again this year, I was super pumped. The older two girls were able to go to Nintendo and Seattle with me last year, but with a prior commitment, it was the perfect time for E and me to have some special time together.

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I told her and her sisters two days before the trip that we were headed out. Thankfully, the oldest two were excited for their sister to get to visit and meet Mario. And she was excited she was sent her very own brand new 2DS XL. Even cooler was that she was sent Minecraft that hadn’t come out and that it was compatible with her sister’s 3DSs from last year. (Pro tip: The 3DS was impossible to find last year at Christmas as was the NES. They have upped their inventory a lot for the 2DS XL, the Super NES and the Nintendo Switch, but if you see one and are planning on getting one, don’t wait! I also have it on good authority that the NES will be back in stock again in Summer 2018!)

Mommy and ME Monday at Nintendo America

We spent all day in the Headquarters, having some yummy Nintendo themed foods, talking with Nintendo employees and most importantly, playing all of the games and on the gaming systems. Of course, meeting Mario was at the top of our lists. We were able to check that off!

Mommy and ME Monday with MArio at Nintendo

We had about an hour break before we had to head out for dinner, so we snuggled in bed and rested up for a bit. A three hour time change is hard on my body, let alone hers!

Seattle resting time

Saturday, we had the day in Seattle. Nintendo set us up with tickets to MoPop (the Museum of Pop Culture) and we walked around in there for about 2 hours. We listened to music, created music, put on a Muppets show and made a video E starred in from Star Trek. E also decided that David Bowie pictures and music weren’t really for her.

MoPop Seattle Mommy and Me Monday

After I learned that Pike Place was only a quick monorail ride and 4 block walk away, I knew we had to take some time to walk over and see the fish thrown, check out the farmer’s market and potentially make it to the piers.

Waiting for fish to fly

Before we went to the piers, we found the gum wall which absolutely disgusted E…so much so that she couldn’t even muster a smile! We didn’t even get close to the bulk of the gum, but we aren’t patient people.

gum wall pike place seattle mommy and me monday

We successfully did all of that and only around dinner time our time did we have some tired legs. Thankfully, that was right around the time we were at the pier and found a yummy looking seafood restaurant with the perfect kid-sized shrimp cocktail and a cider for me! I think the tired legs were really hunger, because she put down that shrimp and all of our bread in no time flat. It was nice to sit and hang out with her. We talked about the ferry we could see nearby, the “cruise” ships, the people fishing on the pier and more.

Ivar's restaurant Seattle

This is making me realize I really need to make it a priority to spend more than just a few hours as one-on-one time with these kiddos. We won’t ever get this time back and will make some great memories with each other. And I’m sure she will remember it for a lot longer than I will.

What did you do this week?

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