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I mentioned it last week, but this week/weekend, my oldest two girls and I were invited to Redmond, Washington (outside of Seattle) to visit the Nintendo Headquarters of America. Which was a pretty big deal because they don’t do tours like this. And, we weren’t allowed to take pictures in like 99% of the building. But, we were there, and got to learn all about the 3DS (the girls are experts already…well, they think they are!), the Nintendo brand and meet some experts.

Our trip started in Atlanta with a 5+ hour flight to Seattle. Headphones, 3DS, iPads and screens on the back of the seats in front of us kept us entertained.

From Nintendo Mommy and Me Monday

After a 45 minute Lyft ride to our hotel, we were ready for a hotel window us-ie.

From Nintendo Mommy and Me Monday

Then, one more hotel mirror us-ie. Then dinner. Most importantly dinner…at 5:00pm local time because we were hun-gry! (Can we talk about their cuteness and adorable poses? Is that still okay to say with 10 and 8 year olds?)

From Nintendo Mommy and Me Monday

After dinner, we wanted to walk around for a bit. Thankfully, our hotel was right by and outdoor mall, so, we got to do some window shopping and went into a See’s Candies store. Growing up, we used to do this all the time, but this was a first for the girls. They are so excited they offered us samples right when we walked in the door.

From Nintendo Mommy and Me Monday

It was lights out at 7:00pm and by 7:02pm there was gentle snoring.

Of course, that also meant we were up bright and early at 3:30am with nothing to do except walk around. We killed a lot of time, and then joined our Nintendo group at 7:45 to head to the Headquarters.

It was a pretty warm welcome.

From Nintendo Mommy and Me Monday

Which required more posing and more us-ies.

From Nintendo Mommy and Me Monday

After we were given our super cool lanyards (Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser), we got to spend a little time with Mario and Luigi. The girls only really had experience with Mario Kart before our trip, but I think they are now BFFs.

2016 11 11 08 11 10

We had some nice weather while at the HQ, and even got to check out their green roof with an amazing view of the mountains. What? Time for more pics with my girls.

Mommy and Me Monday from Nintendo

With different mountain views.

Mommy and Me Monday from Nintendo

We got sneak peaks of quite a few games coming out soon, too, like Super Mario Maker (coming December 2, but pre-selling now) and Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon (November 18th, but pre-selling now).

From Nintendo Mommy and Me Monday

My girls have a wish list a mile long for their new Nintendo 3DSXLs and Christmas, now, too. With no gaming experience, I couldn’t believe how quickly they picked the games up and how much they loved them.

The next morning we were up ready to go nice and early. We had more time to slowly wake up and walked around some more. Then we had a tour of the Space Needle.

At the Space Needle

The weather was crazy! It was windy, colder and rainy.

Space Needle

Check out our video from the top of the Space Needle. Word was that winds were at least 55mph up there. And, given that it moved 1inch for every 10mph, it was swaying 5 inches in each direction. So, yeah, we ran around, enjoyed the wind and then I needed to get on solid ground.

space needle so windy

We had some more time to explore the city before catching our flight home. We stopped along side this building when I realized we could see the Space Needle in the reflection of the pink wall. And, just as I was taking a picture of the girls, a nice lady walked by and offered to snap a group shot!

space needle so windy

It was definitely a fun, whirlwind trip. I really like Seattle. Everything was biodegradable and every person we ran into or talked to was super friendly. I liked it until I learned that houses start at $500K and go up. And that the weather is like our last day for about 2/3rds of the year.

So, I’ll just have to plan to travel back for a longer visit and make sure to head to Pike Place and see the throwing of the fish.

Big thanks to Nintendo for hosting the three of us for three days and bringing us to a city and state that we hadn’t yet visited.

What were you up to this week?

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  1. I was about N’s age when I first played a Gameboy. After that, I had an ENORMOUS handheld SEGA, for playing Sonic. I always preferred Tetris on the Nintendo!

  2. That looked like a really fun trip! I love that colorful glass, it’s so cool.

    Pike Place is amazing… I wish you could have taken the girls, they would have gotten a kick out of it 🙂
    Im interested in hearing about the Pokemon games.. Broxton is really into it right now.

  4. Keri justice says:

    Oh my goodness how fun!! My 7 year old son is a huge Mario fan, he would have loved it. Sounds like a great time.

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