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Aunt Emily has visited for many of the girls’ birthdays and they love it. I knew we wanted to do the same for our milkshake niece. I had purchased my ticket many months ago. Way before we decided to go to Houston at the end of July

Ready for takeoff. This is the most well-traveled baby of all of our kids!

Up way too early for our flight

The birthday was a lot of fun and B and I had a great time with Aunt Emily, Logan, David, Grandma and Grandpa and guests. Of course, we definitely missed our sisters. We saw the oldest two the morning we left, but E was still asleep. And, she was in bed when we got home. 

These two missed each other something fierce. They started giggling and laughing as soon as they saw each other and it was the sweetest thing ever! 

Reunited and it feels so good

It really is true that your heart grows with every kiddo. You don’t just make room for them in a tiny space, that space is carved out especially for each one. Seeing my girls together and how much they missed each other just makes me melt.

Were you adventuring this week or just laying low?

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  1. pat chance says:

    we enjoyed your visit too. I can’t believe how much B looks like I in the carrier picture on instagram

  2. This is just too sweet! I wish I could have heard their giggles. I can imagine E’s volume was extra high!

  3. We visited family last week as well! It is always great to see them. So glad you got to visit. Reuniting is the best!

  4. Awe, bet they all missed one another… but, glad you got to go 🙂

  5. Aww. That is just so sweet that the girls missed each other so much. I love that. And I completely agree with you about your heart swelling and swelling with each child. I feel the same way.
    We did quite a bit of adventuring this weekend. I think we are all still a bit tuckered out.

  6. you are the best aunt!! love that you went for the party!

  7. our kids are adorable and they look so happy !:) love reading your blog, love reading about all your adventures!

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