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This weekend we were invited to media day at Great Wolf Lodge in La Grange, Georgia to get information on their Summer Camp-In and check out any changes to the facilities. Thankfully, we had some pretty willing participants to learn more about Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

Before we even made it inside, B wanted to show us just how wolf-like she could be. I think she does a pretty good wolf!

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

Great Wolf Lodge La Grange Waterpark

With your stay at Great Wolf Lodge, either during the Summer Camp-In or not, you get access to the indoor water park with a wave pool, lazy river, slides and more. The girls favorite place to hang is the wave pool. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

Followed closely by all of the companion slides. They had so much fun doing the slides in double and bigger tubes. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

Of course, there’s always the giant bucket that dumps water on a very regular schedule. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

B thought it was a hoot to have a splashing contest with me. She declared herself a winner, too. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

Adventure Park and More (Dry Activities)

After having lunch at Buckets (sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, salads and more), we dried off and went to check out everything at the Adventure Outpost with our Wolf Passes. There was some rock climbing done. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

And some rope course participation. We did all of the course…both levels. Hopefully, next time B is tall is enough, but she enjoyed doing the MagiQuest with Mr. Serious. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

Camp H.O.W.L.

In not that long of a period of time in the camp area (where there is also a covered outdoor playground), there were even more activities done. B made herself a beaded bracelet with two very hands on helpers. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In making beaded bracelet

Then her sister joined in to decorate a pair of wolf ears. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In wolf ear decorating

She might have worn them to church the next day to show her teachers!

summer camp-in decorated wolf ears

Ten Paw Alley

We had a chance to hit up the bowling alley, too. Turns out N is pretty good and even got a turkey! I had never even heard this term before. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In bowling

Northern Lights Arcade

There was a little ski-ball action, and of course, a ride on the super tiny carousel. These two thought it was pretty amazing and would have spent all of their dollars here. 

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In arcade

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

Up until this point, everything I’ve shown you is year round at Great Wolf Lodge. There are even other things like tours, family yoga, bedtime stories and more. But this year, GWL has upped it’s summertime fun with the Summer Camp-In. All 17 Great Wolf Lodge resorts across North America will celebrate the joys of camping with an exclusive array of special activities and events

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

Summer Camp-In runs from May 24 to Sept 2 (Memorial Day to Labor Day) where Great Wolf Lodge is turning summer fun outside-in. The new summer celebration complements the wealth of attractions, activities, and entertainment available year-round at Great Wolf Lodge, the signature element being the expansive indoor waterpark with slides, raft rides, and water play areas for all ages.

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

Guests will be able to enjoy pool parties, barbecue buffets, and stories around the fire.

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-in
  • Character Breakfast – Join Wiley and friends for a breakfast buffet filled with tasty food, festivities, and more.
  • Pool Party – Kick back with poolside music, games, and refreshments. There’s limbo, the Duckie 500 race, and other activities.
  • BBQ – Our flame-it-and-claim-it dinner of epic eats is a buffet-style meal of slow cooked favorites.
  • Trailblazer Challenge – Earn badges and rewards by participating in activities including arts and crafts and competitions.
  • Campfire Ceremonies – Gather around the fire for face painting, s’mores, and Storytime. Stay for a dance party under the stars.
  • Seasonal Rooms – Treat your campers to a seasonal suite featuring a cozy campfire lamp, plush pillows, and summer décor.
Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-in

If you are thinking about heading to Great Wolf Lodge, consider the Summer Camp-In while they have a promotion running! Book your trip to Great Wolf Lodge now!

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In Video

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  1. We always have so much fun when we visit Great Wolf Lodge! You got so many great pictures of the family!

  2. Mr. S only looks a LITTLE scared about what’s going to happen on the slides! And way to go B on the big rock wall!!

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