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It’s not very often we can all match. We run the gamut of adult sizes, kid sizes and preschooler sizes. So, having shoes that we can all wear and match is pretty special. So when Kyrgies reached and offered for us to test out their new product, moccasins that come in kids and adult sizes, we were game to have some matching footwear. 

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About Kyrgies Moccasins

Kyrgies Moccasins are a sewn slipper, with a slightly different feel than the rolled felt that makes up their other models. The felt in their Moccasins is softer and more pliable, so it will fit to your feet like a warm hug. This felt is cut out of a large felt sheet, then those cut pieces are sewn together by hand.

The midsole is the same orthopedic midsole as in their molded All Naturals, which means these give you the support and comfort your feet need. Kyrgies Moccasins are held together by an elastic that helps them form to your feet so they’re a snug fit. These feature high-backs, and a pull on tab.

Once you’re in them, you will not want to take them off. B hasn’t wanted to take hers off. She wears them everywhere possible. And the only reason I don’t is because I can’t workout in them!

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It’s a good thing the sole is leather, and will wear in as you wear them, not wear out because they really feel like they were made especially for your foot

Their slippers are made by adult artisans in Kyrgyzstan that are paid a living wage.

They are a small brand that is mostly direct to consumer and are also members of 1% for the Planet.

These shoes are handmade felt, using fair trade practices. They are crazy cool house and office shoes for all seasons that you’ll want to wear everywhere else, too!

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Kyrgies do not like to get wet. Thankfully, we didn’t have anything like them changing sizes, but B learned that they aren’t good for puddle jumping! Like wool sweaters, they will shrink and become misshapen. The magic of wool felt is that it wicks moisture and shouldn’t ever smell. Not smelling is a huge blessing…because yes, girl’s and women’s shoes stink, too!

If you think you are in between sizes, I suggest selecting the larger of the two sizes. (Should you need to make a size adjustment, exchanges are very easy!) 

If you are looking for some super comfy shoes for the house, your office, or even preschool (maybe not that they should be for preschool, but, B loves them), I’d definitely recommend trying out a pair or Kyrgies in your favorite color (they have blue, grey, red, orange, and oatmeal).

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