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Happy Mother’s Day Monday! The recovery from Mother’s Day!

The girls and Mr. Serious did some planning the day before Mother’s Day! And apparently, they had a good hiding place, too, because they were sneaky!

Mother's Day Mommy and Me Monday

All of the girls made their own cards for me (my favorite) and they are quite the poets! They also presented me with basil and mint plants, some flowers and my favorite, some French macarons!

And you know what? I didn’t share a single bite of them! They were delicious, too. I’m going to work on getting the 10 year old to figure out how to bake these because I think she’d be awesome at them. 

Mother's day macarons

After reading my cards and looking at my plants, we headed to church where they had a nice photo backdrop set up. 

Mother's Day Mommy and Me Monday

After church, the kiddos and Mr. Serious served me lunch and then left the house. I missed them a little a first, but I asked him to take the girls to get new (much needed) tennis shoes and he hung out with them a good while longer. 

Then a friend and I went and got a tasty New Orleans style shaved ice. When I came home, dinner was all ready!

After getting the kids to bed (or so I thought) I hopped on the bike for a spin session. B popped her head in and told me she just “couldn’t sleep.” (This is when I tell her she certainly can’t sleep standing up in our very brightly lit garage). But that sweet little voice countered with “mommy, I want you to rock me.”

I told her I had 22 minutes left and to get back in bed and I’d come rock her when I was done. She said okay, and I figured she’d be asleep by the time I finished. 

I should have known better. I went upstairs to go check on her and she was missing from her bed. So I checked her sister’s beds, my bed and under her bed (yep, she’ll go under there). I couldn’t find her. I went upstairs one more time and that’s when I saw her.

She was completely out, asleep and laying in my chair in my room. 

So, I scooped her up and as promised gave her a good rocking. 

rocking my B on mother's day

Then I went and put her back in her bed to sleep.

So, that’s pretty much the best way the kiddos (and Mr. Serious) could have ended Mother’s Day for me!

What did you do this week?

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