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We were much in need of some family time away from work and the hustle and crazy that the last month has held for us. So when the people of Myrtle Beach offered to put us up in a hotel for a couple days, we figured a couple days before Thanksgiving would be a great time to go.

Everybody say “ROAD TRIP!”

Driving to Myrtle Beach

7 hours later, and a quick stop in our room to drop off our bags and grab sandals and we were on the beach. One girl has some hesitations…she was convinced there were crabs on the beach that were going to get her.

Myrtle Beach

Once she realized there weren’t any crabs nearby, she tiptoed on the sinking wet (and freezing cold) sand with the rest of us.She even found a nice shell.

Myrtle Beach

With all of those toes with no shoes and the beach (the first trip for the youngest two that I can recall) I had to document it. About 0.2 second later, B was gone because she didn’t like the sinking feeling.

Myrtle Beach

It was cold and the tide was low, but we were able to go pretty far out, even with reservations.

Myrtle Beach

We just got here tonight, but I think the kids are already in love. I suspect there will be more trips to the beach in the next couple days and more requests for beach trips very soon.

Myrtle Beach

What did you do this week?

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  1. Grandma Pat says:

    Great pictures. I need to make a trip to the east coast and Myrtle Beach. Even before I scrolled down to the picture I knew which one thought there were crabs on the beach. Hilarious. I remember at Disney, I was carrying her across a road. I bent over to set her down to walk in the sand by the lake we were staying and she immediately pulled her legs up and clung to me. I was laughing at her reaction so bad I almost dropped her. I had to convince her it wasn’t bad to walk on.

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