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Wordful Wednesday-It’s a keeper


Why didn’t anybody tell me how hard it would be to get a good picture of two kids?

Here’s the keeper. It only took 7 months!


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  1. Beautiful babies!!! I am feeling a little better. I’m mostly sick at night…weird. Anyway…hope you had a great Mother’s Day! 🙂

  2. OMG! that is so cute!
    It only gets even harder from here because once N is on the move heaven help you with the camera, lol. I took 126 pics yesterday and not one, ONE were they both looking at the camera or one where LM wasn’t trying to escape.

  3. That is an absolutely wonderful picture! They both look so happy!

  4. That picture is adorable. I think you should enter it into one of those Kodak kids photo contests. So cute!

  5. They both look like they’re bubbling with happiness!!! I love it!! They make me smile 🙂

    Love, Mere

  6. Your children are so cute! Seriously, I would never be able to resist those faces!

  7. That is the happiest picture! I can totally hear the giggles over here. Awesome smiles!

  8. That is the best sibling picture EVER!! How adorable are those two!! What a great photo.

  9. I LOVE It! Even if it took 7 months..its fantastic! Both look great and HAPPY! 🙂

  10. Oooh, I LOVE IT!!!! Look at those beautiful faces!!

    STILL don’t have one with all three of mine that’s worth it!

  11. Well I think it was worth the wait!!!
    How stinkin’ cute!?!?!?!

  12. total keeper!! i think you should register for your own 16×20 poster!! that one needs to be above the fireplace 🙂

  13. This is the greatest photo ever taken! No bias from me of course.
    -Mr. Serious

  14. beautiful girls and precious pic!! perfect!

  15. That is one cute picture…sounds like it was worth the wait!

  16. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those smiles! Glad you captured a “keeper” photo. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier to do as they get older.

  17. OMGosh! That is a great photo. I am sure you’re going to do something amazing with it, too!

  18. So cute! I have been waiting two years to get a good one of both of my girls and now I have another baby to throw into the mix!

  19. Mrs. Realife says:

    FANTASTIC pic! I love it! Totally worth waiting 7 months for 🙂

  20. That is the cutest picture.

    I wish I could get one with my kids but every time I try I completely miss or it comes out blurry.

  21. Sparkette says:

    I feel ya! But that is one great picture 🙂 How cute!

  22. What a great picture. These are the ones that you will look back on and love! The posed photos are never as fun to look at.


  23. Look at those smiles!! Oh my gosh they are CUTE!!! Thanks for making me smile too…

  24. wow! super cute pic….definitelly framable!!! thanks so much for stopping by and happy ww!!!

  25. It is a daunting task, but congrats on finally getting an adorable one!

  26. That made me have a happy ending to a long day. 🙂

  27. THAT is an awesome picture – way to go!! You must have said something pretty funny to get that!

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