The Ultimate Guide To Kids Haircuts: Happy Kids, Happy Parents


Are you thinking about getting your baby’s first haircut? Or maybe you are stressed out from a bad experience with your child at the salon. A kids’ haircut should never be a bad experience, even though there are a lot of things that can stress your child and you out. That’s why I put together this guide for you. I hope it answers all your questions about kids haircuts and helps you have a fantastic next experience.

The ultimate guide to kids haircuts

How To Find Kids Haircuts Near Me

One of the hardest parts of a child haircut appointment is finding the best place. Honestly, some salons are much more kid friendly than others, and some hairdressers are just not good with kids. If you know other moms, ask them where they go. Word of mouth is the best recommendation you can find.

Also, check out Yelp. Then, call the salon and ask how they handle kids’ haircuts. Some salons are geared more for adults, so make sure you find one that has more kid-themed efforts.

We were invited to come try out Cookie Cutters in Kennesaw which is perfectly aimed at kids haircuts, with a staff that was good with working with kids and things make for kid sizes.

kids haircuts | checking out her hair

Where To Find Stylish Kids Haircuts Ideas

Of course, you know I am going to suggest Pinterest for kids haircut ideas! I love Pinterest. You can also search by gender. But I have found that kids are more interested in the look of the cut, not whether it is meant for a girl or a boy.

I also enjoy browsing Instagram for kids haircuts. The #kidhaircuts hashtag is pretty good – there are only a few adults trying to use it to advertise their business.

Calming Stressed Out Kids

Always remember, children are mirrors of our own anxieties. If you are stressed out, they will be too. But if you are calm and still confused about why your child won’t sit still for a haircut, here are some tips.

Try A New Hairdresser

Honestly, some hairdressers just aren’t good with kids. And that’s ok. It isn’t worth it to fight through a bad experience. If your child isn’t happy before it even starts, end the appointment. (If they already started cutting, you’ll have to get through it, just don’t go back). It is amazing the difference another hairdresser will make!

kids haircut new hairdresser

Try A New Salon

Some salons are actually marketed as very kid-friendly. Others, have a strange vibe for kids. Try a new one if your child isn’t happy at the one you tried. It could calm your child down to be in a different place. This salon has a kids play area which they were immediately drawn to. Even our oldest two girls at 11 and 9 were sliding down the slide.

kids haircuts play area

When they weren’t sliding down the slide, they thought it was fun to pose in front of it, as well as sit and read books and watch their favorite TV shows.

cookie cutters kennesaw

Prepare Your Child

Sometimes just a little prep can make all the difference. Take a comb and explain what the hair stylist is going to do. Answer all your child’s questions and address their fears before they go. Explain how cute/handsome/awesome they will look afterwards. It will be so much less scary when your child knows what to expect.

Getting a salon shampoo was a first for them, but Cookie Cutters made it easy because they were able to lay all the way down to get their hair washed making the girls more comfortable.

cookie cutters kennesaw getting hair washed

B has had a haircut before, but it definitely helped to remind her so she knew what to expect. We also got in a good reminder to not cut our own hair. Thankfully, those uber short bangs will grow out eventually.

kids hair cuts

If you suspect they will get their hair blow dried, you can practice at home so they aren’t scared of the noise. Of course, you can also decline the use of the blow dryer if it’s too scary.

getting hair cut

Bring A New Toy

Let your child pick out a new toy at the store and then tell them they can play with it while they get their hair cut. This tactic distracts some anxious children quite easily! Their attention is on the new toy and not paying attention to the haircut.

Or, if you can find a salon that caters to children, like Cookie Cutters, they will have a screen for every seat where the child (or parent) can pick a Netflix show that they like best. This also helped them have a face for their face to focus. And after their haircut (or during) they were offered a lollipop which could be a good distractor, if needed.

watching a movie during a haircut

Best Time To Get A Haircut

Now that you have some tools to prepare for the haircut, when is the best time to get your kid’s hair cut? You want to go when it is the least busy and when your child is happiest. This is going to be tough during the school year, but it’s possible.

If possible, a weeknight will be better than weekends. If you have a toddler or preschooler, go after the child is fed and full.

Since we are past the napping stage, we went in the early afternoon, hoping many other kids would be napping. It wasn’t as crowded as I would expect on the weekend, but it was still busy for sure. 

Do It Yourself

I’ve tried to cut my kids’ hair before and won’t do it again. But if you have patience and talent, you can save money and stress and just your child’s hair yourself. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials that make it look pretty simple. Your child might trust you more than a stranger, so it’s worth a try.

When To Get A Child’s First Haircut

When to cut your child’s hair for the first time is a very personal decision. There are so many emotions attached to it, and there isn’t a right or wrong answer. If your child is 8 months with hair getting in their eyes, it might be time for a trim. Other children don’t grow hair until closer to 2 years old.

You can wait until their first birthday and make it a special occasion, or you can avoid haircuts altogether (like Kate Hudson did, Ryder didn’t get a haircut until around 5 years old). We were somewhere in the middle. E had her first cut right before she turned 4 and B had hers at 3 like. The older two were even older but their hair hardly grew!

How Often Should I Cut My Child’s Hair?

This all depends on how quickly your child’s hair grows, how much they like having thick or long hair, and how difficult it is to maintain. Split ends tend to create more tangles and knots, so keep hair trimmed up.

final haircuts cookie cutters kennesaw

Good luck with your kids haircuts. It can be so much fun to pick out new hairstyles and create fun looks with your kids. The girls enjoyed their customized attention and that they were able to cater to their needs at 3 all the way up to 11. They actually do mom and dad cuts as well if you was to try to squeeze that in. Of course, now that Cookie Cutters removed the split ends, their hair is easier to brush and more manageable. They are all asking when they can go back and get their hair cut again.


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    I want to make sure that I get my my son’s hair cut properly. It makes sense that taking him to a professional would be best. I’ll make sure that I find a haircut salon with good reviews.

  2. Kids get anxious and stressed quite easily. So, finding the best kind of salon or hairdresser for kids is a must. There are many salons which calm down the children quite easily. Maintaining a kids friendly environment can be very helpful. Thanks for sharing this! This is really helpful.

  3. Giving a kid haircut can be stressful, and with a little distraction, moms can tackle their cry babies/kids to get the job done.

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