9 ways to tell your kids they are going to Disney World


I think we’ve official become a Disney family. With over 5 trips under our belts to a Disney park, and my own Annual Pass, I think the title holds. With those trips have come many different variations in ways we tell the girls. It’s just more fun to make it part of the whole experience to make a big deal of it. We’ve done several of these and are saving others for another trip, but wanted to share 9 ways to tell your kids they are going to Disney World! 

9 ways to tell your kids they are going to Disney World

Why not make it fun and capture the extra excitement? Make sure to take pictures and/or videos of their reactions. My girls loved taking a trip down memory lane watching the videos associated with these pictures.

1. Create a video or slide show

This is a fun way to use pictures and the visual clues for younger kiddos that might not be able to read. I bet they start to notice a theme and figure it out quickly. 

Disney with pooh

2. Create a scavenger hunt

I think the scavenger hunt was the most fun for our girls. With two that could read and two that couldn’t it was a fun way for them to work together to find the next clue. We used about 10 clues and sent them all around the house in search of the final reveal. None of our clues actually had anything to do with Disney either, so they were totally up in the air as to why we were doing it. 

Scavenger hunt disney

The last clue brought them to our bathroom where we had used an expo marker on the mirror to tell them we were going to Disney World in 12 days. We also included the magic bands and a little figurine to help the 3 year old understand, too. Honestly, I’m not sure she really got it, but she knew her older two sisters were very excited!

Disney Scavenger hunt

3. Wrap Magic Bands as a present

If your kids are in the know about all things Disney, then a Magic Band is a pretty good giveaway for an upcoming trip. We told these two we had a present for them, handed them the box and and they figured things out very quickly. 

Telling kids going to Disney with package opening of Disney Magic Bands

Even if the bands weren’t a giveaway, the box comes with information about your upcoming trip. Because Grammi’s Magic Band was in the box, they learned she would be coming with us. 

Can you tell they were pretty excited?

Telling kids going to Disney with package opening of Disney Magic Bands

4. Wrap some new Disney clothes or a gift as present

When the oldest two were younger, we wrapped some Ariel pajamas and gave them as a gift before departing on our trip. We didn’t tell them anything else, just gave them the pajamas. After waking up in their pajamas, we told them that our next stop was Walt Disney World! They might have asked us “are we there yet” a couple more times than we anticipated.

5. Create a card/letter

I had a little assist from Anna and Elsa on this one. I found a picture and created a fun little card that they opened the night before we left for Disneyland. And of course, you have to mention California Adventure, too (see what I did there!). You could also find a postcard and have it mailed to your child at home. Who doesn’t like mail? 

Going to Disneyland with a card

6. Make or order a pizza with topping of choice in shape of Mickey head

This one will definitely get your creative juices flowing. I’ve heard that you can call some pizza delivery places and they will put toppings on the pizza in the shape of a Mickey head. So, when they open the box of pizza they you can tell them you are going to Disney! If you don’t want to order it, you could also make your own pizza, or cake or whatever your mind comes up with to tell them.

7. Drive and pack for them and tell them in the car / airport

This one will take some adult strength. You’ll pack for your kids while they aren’t aware and get everything in the car. Then, you’ll get them in the car and won’t tell them where you are going until you can’t stand it anymore.

Driving? If you are really good, or maybe they are young, maybe you can do number 9 below!

Disney in the car

Flying? Wait until you get to the airport and let them know. If they can ready, they might figure it out based on the boarding pass or your destination. 

Disney Tell them at the airport

8. Write a (photo) book

If you have more of a creative flair, you can write and create a book for your kids complete with story and illustrations. Include your child/children in the story and make it all about a grand trip them went on. At the end you can reveal that they are about to make the story come to life with their own real life adventure. 

9. Wait until you get there

Credit to you for keeping a secret this long! You are amazing! If you are flying, have them pose for a picture in front of the Walt Disney World Resort and with Mickey. While they are there, change your camera to video and share the surprise. It’s a fun way to get a picture and video of their excitement. 

figure out they are going to disney world at the airport

If you are driving, you can let Mickey and the Walt Disney World arch announce your arrival. This is pretty much the pinnacle of telling your kids they are going to Disney World!

Welcome to disney world

Have you taken your kids to Disney? How did you tell them?

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