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The mystery of the caper



1. A usually spiny Mediterranean shrub (Capparis spinosa) having white to pale lilac flowers and dehiscent fruits with reddish pulp.

2. A pickled flower bud of this plant, used as a pungent condiment in sauces, relishes, and various other dishes.

Capers are funny little guys. Such a mystery, too. Little flower buds soaked in salt and vinegar; and yet, perfection.

Who knew something so cute and tiny could yield such a delicious and salty-sour taste? I don’t know how people can’t love them.

And yet, I have no idea how to describe them. But, they are oh, so good.

Add them to pasta, salad or fish and your meal just became exotic.

And, you have to get the little ones (the non-pareils); their flavor is so much better than the bigger ones.

If you’ve never had a caper or cooked with one, you must. And, I’ll even give you a head start with my newest recipe. I came up with it with some help from my sister (but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a name).

Mr. Serious calls it “Fancy Chicken.”

Fancy chicken:
1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast; cut in half
1 container of sliced baby portabello mushrooms
1 jar artichoke hearts (I prefer the marinated ones)-diced
capers to taste (I use about 1/2 the jar)
olive oil
lemon juice

Brown the chicken in the olive oil, adding lemon juice to taste; season with paprika, garlic powder etc. (I suppose you could use real garlic if you like it).
Once the chicken is cooked, I add the mushrooms first and allow them to cook. Then I add the artichoke hearts and capers to allow them to heat. Simmer for 3 minutes. I add more olive oil and lemon juice if necessary

Remove from heat and serve over fettuccine. I like to use the spinach fettuccine if I can find it.

And enjoy!

Do you love capers? I’d love to hear your favorite caper recipe!


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  1. Well I can’t say I have any caper recipes but thanks for telling me what those little things are! I honestly never knew!

  2. Ok, that’s not as bad as I thought. I don’t know why I was picturing some gross things, lol

  3. Yum! Capers are the BEST! I’m definitely giving Fancy Chicken a try. I have a really good recipe for a smoked salmon salad with capers. And one of my favorite things is a bagel (or English muffin) and cream cheese topped with smoked salmon and capers. (Can you tell I really like salmon too?)

  4. There’s this little restaurant in the next town over from me. They make the most amazing Chicken Salad, it has capers in it. It just adds that little something. Oh it is so good.

    I’m gonna have to try this.

  5. Woo hoo! I love finding new recipes, especially those made with capers! Thanks!

  6. I like my capers on bagels and locs (spelling?)! They’re amazing 🙂

    Love, Mere

  7. I will have to try this recipe. I have actually always wanted to try capers. What texture do they have or are similar to?

  8. I always thought capers were like olives…do they taste like olives? If not, then I might have to give them a try!

  9. I love me some capers. I will definitely be trying this.
    Do you have more recipes? Do you link up to any of the Tuesday recipe blogs? If not, you should.

  10. Yea…I have never been a caper gal….but that recipe looks great. I am not anti-caper…just never really eaten a caper. 🙂

    It’s not like it is cooked spinach or anything! hee hee

  11. I LOVE capers! Try this:

    saute 1/2 an onion (sliced) and some chopped garlic in olive oil. Add one can of diced tomatoes and a splash of white wine, 1/2 chopped kalamata olives and a T of capers. Cook out the liquid and serve over fish (I usually use tilapia) or angel hair pasta. So good and super easy!

  12. Mmmm, sounds delicious!
    I love capers. I make a few Cuban dishes with capers and also a veal dish with sundried tomatoes, capers. Those a the ones that come to mind right now.

  13. Capers are wonderfully scrumptous!!!! Next time I come to ATL I hope you make this…with shrimp, nix the chicken.

  14. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Can you believe I’ve NEVER eaten them? Sad, but true.

  15. We are HUGE caper fans around here and I do remember Tim and I looking at each other one night and saying “what is a caper anyway?” Thanks for clearing that up! : )

    I’m gonna have to try this recipe…

  16. uhm can we still be friends? i have never had a caper.

    how bout you make your fancy chicken and come over for dinner tomorrow night? then i can tell you how much i love them 🙂

  17. yummy yummy yummy!

    LOVE capers.
    Love chicken.

    This sounds delicious!!!

  18. Stephanie Hazzard says:

    I never knew what a caper was lol thank you for the info!

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