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Happy 6th Anniversary to Us


Dear Mr. Serious (no, I don’t call him that in real life, but some of our friends do!)

Happy 6th anniversary!  Wow.  It certainly doesn’t feel like it has been six years since we said our “I dos!”

I’m just as in love with you today as I was then.  Well, actually, I’m even more in love.

We have always talked about removing our gas logs from our fireplace.  They weren’t warm and they were incredibly expensive to run.  So, I set out on “Project Anniversary” and when you came home from work Sunday, there was a real fire in the fireplace. 

We couldn’t have spent our anniversary any better.  We went to church, then socialized with our class and came home.  After the girls nap, we headed out to the store and purchased some gifts for Toys for Tots.  We fed the girls and danced with them around the living room.  I’m pretty sure that’s the most fun our little family of four has had.  We then had a yummy dinner for two at home: filet mignon (manger’s special=on sale), baked potatoes and fresh green beans.  We then cozied up to a nice warm fire.

Six years ago…

We shared our first kiss as husband and wife…I missed you so much getting ready that day that I went back for two more!


We ate our first dinner at the reception as husband and wife.  I’m pretty sure we hardly ate.  We were so starving when we got to our hotel.


You can see more of our firsts here, and our fourth anniversary here.  Apparently, I was too tired last year to write one for our fifth anniversary.

Babe, I don’t know what I would do without you, either.

I love you muchos!




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  1. awwww happy, happy anniversary friend!! sounds like the most perfect one yet 🙂

  2. Krystyn,

    Such a sweet post. My husband and I also have a December anniversary…coming up on 11 years. It goes fast!

    Hey, I just noticed your daughters' birthdays. 😉 My birthday is 10/13.

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Aww! Sweet, Happy Anniversary! I love that you were all dancing, that's beautiful!

  4. Happy Anniversary! You both looked great on your big day!

  5. I just popped by from Lifelong Playdate…Happy Anniversary! Your girls are beautiful. I also visited Krizzy designs, your blog designs are awesome.

    Thanks for letting us visit…

  6. Awww… Krystyn. You guys make a beautiful couple. Happy Anniversary.

  7. Happy Anniversary! First time seeing your wedding photos…you two were gorgeous!
    Here's to many, many, many more.

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! What an accomplishment!! 6 years of marriage and 2 wonderful babies!! Cheers!!

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!! That was a fun day 6 short years ago! Who knew you'd have two gorgeous red headed sweethearts by this time?! Now, please go make another (or two, if I get to name one). I love you both so very much!

  10. Happy Happy Anniversary friend!!! You were married outside in December and it looks that beautiful??

    Great pics!

    Here's to many many more!

  11. Y'all are one cute couple! Happy Anniversary!!!!

  12. awwwww! happy anniversary to you both! what an amazing couple! your wedding pics are just too gorgeous for words!

  13. Sounds like a perfect day!!
    Happy Anniversary to both of you!
    Heres to many, many more!!!

  14. You looked great then, you look great now! Hope you had a wonderful Anniversary!

  15. Sounds like a wonderful anniversary! Happy 6 years and here's to many, MANY more!

    p.s. we were starving when we got to our hotel too and we devoured a fruit and cheese basket that was waiting for us! : )

  16. Those are some fabulous photos and a great post! I'm late as usual but happy anniversary woman! ((HUGS))

    Big congrats!


  17. Happy Anniversary! Don't worry about the 7 year itch… yet. ;).

    No really, it just gets better. 🙂


  18. Happy Anniversary! Our number of years together seem so much more substantial than they used to don't they? Crazy!

  19. Southern Savvy says:

    OMG Kristen! I think that we might be wedding dress twins! LOL Did you get yours at David's Bridal? From the pics it looks just like mine!

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