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The other day we were snuggled up under the heated blanket in the living room. It’s cold here and these girls like to be warm like me! 

I thought it was a good time to grab an us-ie of the three of us. 

and the big one said

The oldest was sitting on another part of the couch and was like “hey, what about me?” So, of course, I had to have her come over and hop in! It was during some of their limited screen time, so I’m super shocked I was able to get them to all look in the direction of my phone! 

(The oldest middle was dropping off her science fair project or picking it up, otherwise, I’m sure we’d find a place to fit her into the frame, too!)

heated blanket mommy and me monday

B would be happy for you to notice her newest accessories. Mr. Serious thought we should add vision benefits this year (he and I have both had vision correction surgery, but yeah, I’m sure reading glasses are coming soon) and he took the girls to get their eyes check. Two of them will “probably need correction next year” and B was the winner of needing correction in one eye now! 

And because B wanted to jump into our flexing post-workout picture, it gets included, too. They are watching and if I can influence them to want to lift heavy weights and be strong, then I’m here for it!

muscles just because

What did you do this week?

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