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Netflix always has a great assortment of shows. This also presents a problem because it prevents us from deciding on what we want to watch.

With some many kid shows, the oldest two sometimes have a hard time agreeing on what they will watch together (because most Netflix watching is done together…I know this will end very soon!) And, sometimes, a new show is a great idea for helping with disagreements.

The Netflix fortune teller can help with both scenarios.

Netflix printable fortune teller

You can create your own fortune teller and each person can put 4 of their favorite shows and take turns doing the fortunes. (Save and print this blank Netflix Fortune Teller.) Since each person has a fair shot at getting their show selected, there is less disagreement when the fortune teller “decides” on the show for you.

Blank Netflix Fortune Teller Printable

If you are looking for a new show for you or your family to check out, Netflix has a Netflix Fortune Teller that is already filled in for you (you can save and print this one, too and you’ll get directions).

Completed Netflix Fortune Teller

For the grown-ups, I think it would be fun to put a few new shows you might be meaning to try out, but aren’t sure you want to fully commit to on the fortune teller. Or maybe, you are trying to decide between several different movies that you grew up watching but haven’t seen in years.

Completed Netflix Fortune Teller

The Netflix Fortune Teller is a fun way to decide on a new show or movie to stream with your family, just the kids or even the grown ups. We haven’t gotten into any new shows lately (but I am watching the second season of Kimmy Schmidt when I have a chance!).

What are you watching lately on Netflix that we should check out? 

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  1. pat chance says:

    The All American for sure
    The Martian was also very good

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