Las Fotos-I learned something new


You constantly amaze me.  We are so lucky that you love school and you learn so much. 

Wednesday, you were assigned homework.  It was due next Tuesday.  You wanted to start it immediately.

Mommy wanted to wait for the weekend.  I thought it was going to take a long time.  And, honestly, I thought it was going to be “mommy homework.”

But, you totally knew what you had to do, and more importantly, how to do it.

You cut out those “momma and baby” animals like you had been using scissors all your life.  And, then you used that glue stick and put the mommas right next to their babies.  You did it like a pro.

Mommy should know by now that I shouldn’t set limits on your learning.  I will work harder at encouraging new things and allowing you the ability to do to them without interfering. 

Most importantly, I’m learning that you are becoming much less dependent on me.  And, it makes me a little sad and a lot proud at the same time.


PS However, you are still supposed to be dependent on me putting you down for a nap and staying in your room.  But don’t worry.  We will still work on that together.

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  1. They grow too fast. They take in everything. Not setting limits is a good thing maybe I'll adopt that in my own life!

  2. What a smarty pants she is! Hopefully that gung-ho attitude about homework lasts! 😉

  3. love that she wanted to get her homework done asap!! what a sweet girl!

  4. Hey. Just going through old comments and thought I'd stop by 😀

  5. Adorable! I'm a teacher and wish that all of my students were that eager to get homework done!

  6. She's a beautiful little girl, and very efficient with homework, my 4 year old daughter is the same, I just wish my older sons were the same way!

  7. That is awesome! Cutting with scissors is a really difficult skill to learn but Izzy looks like a natural. Is she a lefty?

  8. Here's hoping she keeps that awesome attitude for MANY years to come. At this point, I'd settle for my 6th grader not acting like he's writhing in pain at the mention of the dreaded 'H' word. Sigh.

  9. Kids grow so fast. God bless your girls.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  10. That made me a little sad and a lot proud too! Way to go Isabelle!

    She is getting so big! And I love the look of concentration on her face. Great post mama!

  11. What a smart girl she is! That is so cool that she is excited about homework…lets just see if she stays that way! So cute!

  12. A Busy Mommy says:

    You've got a beautiful little girl there. And I hope her need for doing her Homework right away sticks with her throughout her school career. It's scary how much our children know, that we don't know they know. (if that makes sense)

  13. That is just so awesome that she did that on her own! She's such a big girl now!!! 🙂

  14. And she's a lefty too.. she rocks!! I totally understand the desire to "help"… so hard to stand back!! You're doing great!!

  15. It is so amazing when they start doing these things independently and don't need our help as much. I know you are so proud! She really is into her project LOL.

  16. What a sweet, grown up girl you've got! And so responsible! Lucky mama 🙂

  17. Isn't it cute that they want to do homework RIGHT AWAY at this age. In another few years we will be thinking about strapping them down to get them to sit for homework. 😉 haha Such a big girl!

  18. That is so cool. She actually understood the homework and went to town! I'm sure next time her enthusiasm will not cross into her nap time routine.

  19. What a big girl. I even find myself doing that with alex thinking she can't do that yet and then being surprised that she can and wants to. Like help with dishes and laundry, she enjoys that! I need to take advantage of it more!

  20. Anonymous says:

    She's a southpaw, of course she is a smart girl!

  21. I tell you each day they just blow us away with their abilities. Such small people with the ability to move the world! So super cool! They grow too fast don't they?

  22. Look at that beautiful girl! I feel bad, I don't think Punky has ever even touched a pair of scissors! Oh, the sheltered life of a homeschooled child!

  23. Very sweet. It is so neat to see our children growing up, and doing all these things on their own, isn't it? You must be so proud of your big girl! 🙂 Bittersweet, too, huh?

  24. So cute!
    I was scared to death to let Caroline use scissors. Little did I know she too knew exactly how to use them.

  25. What a sweet post!
    And when did she grow up?
    I hardly recognize her.
    Good luck with the letting her discover her independence…it is so hard!

  26. i am proud of you mama.

    and scissors and glue stick all by herself? total rock star 🙂

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