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With our girls, we never really did a theme for their nursery. The youngest two have some colors working with purple and orange and grey and I do love their room. (see some of their room and decorations <— yes, in my birth story post!). 

I found out that Wayfair is having a discount on all rugs (yes, all of them, using promo code RUGLUV25 which saves you 15% off all Area Rugs from 7/31 to 8/4) I started looking around. We’ve been watching a lot of Jake and The Neverland Pirates and this rug popped out at me. 

pirate theme kids room rug

Since I won’t be able to decorate a nursery, let alone a pirate one, I thought I would play around and pirate themed one! 

With the help of my sister, I put together this super cute and not too babyish Pirate Themed Baby Room.

pirate themed baby room

Crib // Sheet // Rug // Glider (in dumdum cherry) // Pillow // Lamp

I like the idea of having a room and accessories that won’t be outgrown in a year. I think the lamp is super fun and a great piece that could grow into a nautical themed room as the baby gets older. 

Check out all of their great looking rugs. There are many from indoor to outdoor, big to little, solid to patterned, they have them all. 

Wayfair promo code: RUGLUV25 which saves you 15% off all Area Rugs from 7/31 to 8/4! And, don’t forget to sign up for their daily deals so you can see what is on a huge discount every day! 

What would you add to a pirate themed room for a little one?

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    1. That would be a great addition! Or a map would be fun, too!

  1. I absolutely would do a pirate themed room, but (like you) I won’t have the chance to do that in my home.

    I love what you put together!

    1. Are the boys too old for it already? Maybe a Captain Jack Sparrow room?

  2. Super cute.
    A.J. went through a “pirate phase” when he was 2 and we went to Disney Social Media Moms.

    1. Now, not so much of the pirates? When I see AJ, I always think he’s 4 going on 14!

  3. pat chance says:

    I have been looking for a rug for the living room for a while. Think I might have found the place to find one. Thanks for pointing this great site out.

    1. You’ll have to let me know if you found one you like. I spend way too long looking at the site!

  4. Love the pirate theme – yes we love Jake around here too 😉

    I would maybe get a map or something to put on the wall too

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