That one time I was on the ellen show


We were invited to a special place at the coronation of Merida. As we were walking into the festivities (about 0.2 seconds before the park opened), we saw two little girls being filmed.

Admittedly, I was most concerned about the noise from the people behind us rushing into the park, so I didn’t pay much attention, but I did remember them there.

Turns out, they are Sophia Grace and Rosie that are often seen in the Ellen show. Then I heard that the video aired on TV, and I had to take a look.

Holy cow! There we were, right at the beginning of the video as they are walking into the park and “ohing and ahing” at the castle.

That one time I was on ellen

{Click to enlarge this one!}

My newest claim to fame! My family and I were on the ellen show! Yep. And, you can’t argue otherwise. (You can see another picture from that day to see that our clothes match:) But, that’s totally my mom’s walk!)

Since we’re talking about Merida’s coronation, I thought I’d share a couple pictures I took of her….very true to the movie form. No sparkles. No high bosom and I think flat boots. Oh, and not riding side-saddle.

Merida's Coronation

Definitely full of sass and personality just as expected.

Merida's Coronation

As participants in the Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2013 we paid our conference fee, which included hotel accommodations, park tickets, meals, and other gift items. I was not required, or asked, to write about the conference, events, or speakers. The honest opinions are my own and that of my family.

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    1. I didn’t realize it until we saw them up on stage, but they were pretty far away from us when filming.

  1. Very cool! You are famous! 🙂 And on a side note, it appears that we were standing close to each other at the event. Odd that we didn’t run into each other, right?

    1. Haha…famous!
      I don’t know….crazy we didn’t. Then again, I was pretty cranky with the heat and sweating, it’s probably for the best!

  2. My SIL and her mum saw these little gals at the hotel before we left that morning. Walked right by them!

    1. I really had no idea who they were..and they say SAHMs sit at home and watch TV all day! Ha!

  3. Hilarious! I especially love your labels. I was freaking out too. I was like OMG- they’re running?! A cast member said something like, “Slow down and please do not run. The rides will be there all day I promise.”

    1. I am not good in groups like that AT ALL! Like where everybody is crowding my space and touching me…I was seriously freaking out!

  4. Cool! We saw her coronation on YouTube. My daughter was SO excited. She kept going, “Look at all those princesses! I love them!”

    1. It was pretty cool to see them all together! The day time parade is another cool place they were all together. And, we just happened upon that right when we got there!

  5. Those girls are hilarious! We are planning a trip to Disney soon. I can’t wait until my daughter can see all of the characters in real life! My son was terrified when we took him for the first time!

    1. My girls weren’t terrified at all of the princesses, however the more “costume-y” ones, my middle tends to stay away from!

  6. Those little girls from Ellen are too cute/funny/adorable! And the Disney stuff looked wonderful, though the actors must be so hot in those costumes!

    1. I was sweating like crazy in my tanktop, so I’m sure they were. I think they are only allowed to be out for like 30 minutes at a time, so at least we know they are well taken care of.

    1. Yep, totally famous. I know everybody recognized us when they saw that clip!

    1. I had never seen them before, but they are pretty darn cute.

  7. How cool! You were on Ellen! That’s awesome!
    And we LOVE Merida around here. She is a fav!

    1. The girls aren’t a fan of the bear in the movies, but they do like Merida!

  8. How fun is THIS!?! Those two little girls totally crack me up. Especially the brunette one… 🙂

    1. I had never seen them before…but they were pretty cute!

  9. i can’t believe you guys were actually there for the BIG coronation!!

    how amazing is that???

  10. That is so cool!! I’m going to look up the video!! What a great experience!!

  11. How cool that you were on The Ellen show and can I just say I am totally jealous you got to go to Merida’s coronation

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