The first day of pre-K


With the obligatory first day picture with her new teacher.

(who incidentally does not have a blurry face, but I thought would appreciate that photoshop action).

first day of pre-K

She had a great day, but of course failed to take her nap.  She told me she helped her teacher during nap time.  I wanted to tell her that she needs to help me out, and take a nap.

She napped today, but only because she played soccer this morning and it was a million and a half degrees outside.

Question mommas: Do you guys send your kids to school with a water bottle?  There is no water in their room and it’s really hot?  Or am I over-protecting my baby?

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  1. Aw, glad it was a good first day.

    And yeah, since its so hot I would totally send a water bottle.

  2. I would ask if it’s allowed. Probably is, but no sense sending it if she can’t use it.

  3. 🙂 Elayna went to preschool and never took naps there either. 🙂 she is too cute!

  4. If they’re allowed to bring them I say YES! But make sure you stress that no one can drink out of it. Some kids might just go drink out of it. Then you’ll have germy issues.

  5. I would ask about the water bottle before sending it. The daycare (I know it is a little different than preschool, but just throwing out my experience!) I work at, we don’t allow kids to bring in stuff like that, just because there is no guarantee that parents are just putting water in the bottles. I know it sounds a little over the top, but we have in the past had parents send drink containers with medications mixed into the water or milk. We do make sure that there is water available any time the kids want. It may be perfectly fine at your daughter’s preschool to send a water bottle, every place is different!

  6. I would totally send her with a water bottle. Most likely one that doesn’t leak so she doesn’t spill it in class when she is thirsty.

  7. Love the pic! Iz looks so darn cute!
    I would send a water bottle for sure!!

  8. So cute you got a picture of her not only on her first day of Pre-K, but at her first day of Pre-K! She looks so cute! Glad she is having a good experience so far! 🙂

  9. SO glad she had a great first day at school.

    My girls also started today and yes, we send a bottle of water for each girl.

  10. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that you’re “overprotective” but I’m willing to guarantee you that they spend half of their day taking bathroom/water breaks. It’s just what you have to do when they’re that age. I wouldn’t worry so much! A water bottle might only cause her to get in trouble, as it would just be something to distract her.

    Just my thoughts…the teacher might recommend it though! Talk to her! I bet she’ll tell you if it’s not a good idea.

  11. i know you don’t want to hear this…but she looks soooo grown up!! maybe it’s the little uniform?? either way she is adorable honey.

    and bc i can’t answer (yet) on the mama end. on the teacher end, i would def ask, but go with one tomorrow just in case the answer is yes. my kids always had water bottles on their desks. the only rule was that they had to take it home and wash it.

  12. So cute!

    School hasn’t started here yet, and I can hardly believe that it’s almost here!

  13. Oh and she looks so comfortable!

    My girls had a fountain in their classroom and I still sent a water bottle. Yes, I am that over protective!

  14. So glad she had a good 1st day!

    When my oldest started preschool, I sent him with milk and water and juice…everything…well what did I know? I was sending him with water until the teacher told me that if he was thirtsy and asked for water they would get him some.

  15. Aw, so sweet! Ashley starts pre-K in a few weeks and is soooooo excited.

    And OMG, she still takes naps!?!? NONE of my kids take naps anymore. God, what I wouldn’t give for a nap.

  16. I send my son to school with a water bottle. Actually all the moms do so I didn’t think it was unusual. I would ask the teacher if there’s a rule for that.

  17. Glad it was a good first day! Q hasn’t taken a daily nap in I don’t know how long and we’ve got another year to wait before he can go to prek! 🙁 I would send a water bottle if they can have one!

  18. Glad she had a good first day! And I agree to ask and if it’s allowed then definitely YES let her bring one. It has been too hot to NOT have water available.

  19. Stephanie says:

    I would ask about water – I can’t imagine them not giving it to them when it’s so hot. I know at our preschool they give the kids water at certain times and whenever they are thirsty.

    And yeah, she needs to nap – for you mostly!

  20. Send her with water. What if she needs as much as I do? Does she need her very own Nalgene bottle? I’d be happy to send her one! She’s all grown up……it seems just yesterday I named her Blubs.

  21. Wow! Already going back? I’d send a water bottle-it won’t hurt! Evan starts preschool in Sept-I’m not ready!

  22. Christine says:

    I’d send a water bottle too. Especially if she’s drinking LOTS when she gets home or seems thirsty.

    When I was growing up it seemed like we had endless access to water. But since then, I’ve noticed water fountains are more rare. Bottled water everywhere. I’ve started carrying a water bottle with me everywhere. I send my daughter everywhere with a cup for water (15 months). I encourage the teenagers to take their bottles to school too.

  23. I think KIDS should be allowed to have water bottles. In Kindergarten last year they were allowed to have water bottles because it is up to the teacher. MY Sons teacher this year for first grade prefers for them NOT to have a water bottle. The can get water during bathroom breaks and line up for water after coming in from outside. I am not overjoyed about that but the school says they leave that up to individual teachers and we happen to have one this year that does not agree with water bottles. She says it is to distracting in class.

    OK that is my two cents and NO I do not think you are being over protective at all. Our kids a little humans who get thirsty JUST like WE DO!

    Hope all is going great!

  24. .
    Welcome to the first day. My son’s first day is on the 17th for K.

    I was thinking of sending him a bottle of water. I hope to see his classroom soon and talk to the teacher about that, so I don’t know as yet.

  25. Awww Happy first day of Prek! So sweet! You know I don’t have any kiddies yet but as a teacher I always see that parents send in water bottles. Half of them don’t want them drinking out of the gross fountains…if there was no fountains I would understand why they would send them even more. I would send it, even if its just in case. Your a super mom who cares! 🙂

  26. send a water bottle especially if she is outside doing soccer- i see all the kids in our neighborhood taking them to school – gotta keep the cutie hydrated

  27. lura Staffanson says:

    Izzy is growing up so fast…. N too. How time flies. It won’t be long before they are both in school… but you don’t want to think about that so shame on me.
    Yes, keep sending the water. I am surprised the other mom’s don’t.
    I’m sending hugs, Love, Lura

  28. Wow, such a big girl already! I’ve never thought to send water actually but I don’t see why not…

  29. Julia starts Monday, but Eva doesn’t start preschool until August 31. Boo to summer being over, yay for kiddos loving going to school.
    PS – completely send the water bottle. explain to the teacher why ~ I’m sure she’ll understand!

  30. She’s adorable in that dress!!!! (Well, okay… all the time…)

    I’d say send the waterbottle.

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