Guess we know who calls the shots around here.


"Daddy.  Daddy. Stop talking.  Please."

Wordful Wednesday

"Now, turn and look at mommy."

Wordful Wednesday

Apparently, the bossy head turn to the camera is quite genetic. 

(Look how teeny-tiny she was.  This is #1 at 5 months old.  March 2007.  Where has the time gone?)


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  1. marty montes says:

    So cute and fun. I know who is boss at my house, too! 🙂 Time goes way too fast. Also, I think Zane is as large as Izzy was at 5 months and he is not quite 3 months! Yikes.

  2. They are way too cute!! Don’t mess with little girls….they’ll let you know whats up!!!!

  3. love the daddy daughter fun! but that pic of you and iz?? oh my goodness!! and how she is holding your face?? heart melt!!

  4. Jessica Radick says:

    oh how I love the last picture with her hand on your face… thats priceless!

  5. Glad they bossed him into smiling – so cute!

    And was Izzy really that little once? Too sweet. You haven’t changed a bit Momma! 🙂

  6. So cute……….
    (ok…can’t belive you’ve been back at school already for so long……and that those adorable little girls are getting so big)……is summer really gone????

  7. And you know what? He doesn’t mind at all! He is so blessed to have two lovely princesses (oops I mean three!) to spoil 😀

    And wow you are right! She has grown so much in 3 years. She looks alot like your youngest in that photo!

  8. He’s just being the perfect Dad – just cooperate and smile, for them *and* you 🙂

    Hope you are doing great, I’ll be catching up with blogs soon!

  9. Where does the time go?! And what a great father – to let them mush his face around 🙂

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