Lest you think otherwise, it’s not always rainbows and unicorns around here


I’m quite certain I’ve never let on that it’s always rainbows and unicorns around here.

But, just in case you had that thought, let me show you some photographic evidence that this is not.the.case.

We haven’t seen rainbows and unicorns in quite a while around here.  At least at nap time.

“Nap time” seems to be code for, “I’m going to do everything within my power except nap.”

And, that power?  Seems to be that of Popeye.

After one particularly quiet nap time, I walked in a certain 2 year old’s room.

This is the disaster that I saw….


Let’s summarize…

  • over there on the bed frame, that is the box springs.
  • the pretty pink bedskirt that is balled up on the floor.
  • the mattress pad and sheet are somewhere on the floor.
  • all of the blankets, pillows and lovies are on the floor.
  • a random beach towel is under the mattress (pretty sure it’s a Barefoot wine towel…which is was a bottle of Barefoot wine for me!)
  • Notice I haven’t addressed the mattress?  That’s because it’s over here…

Matress on the floor

Pushed up to her dresser???  Am I raising baby Hercules?  Why is my adorable daughter moving her mattress clear across the room?

Why? “I make my clock yellow.  It’s time to wake up.  But, it not yellow.  It gray.  You fix it.”

**ETA: Want to guess where that dresser is now?  In her closet.  Just like her sister.  With a lock on the door.  Her room? Looks like a baby jail now.

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    1. Just you wait until that sweet little Edy of yours gets a little bit bigger…okay, maybe not. I just have very obstinate children! Even their teachers see it!

  1. This reminds me of someone! My two little someones!! LOL oh my goodness, then there are the pictures of the subsquent fits they throw cause they are too tired to function and the crashing and sleeping at dinner. Good times I have had 🙂

    1. Oh, we’ve had that, too. I’ve just never taken *that* picture!

  2. My 2.5 year old daughter does the same thing, with the mattress and all. But she’s also more than happy to enlist her 5yo brother for those special times she can’t get in enough trouble by herself, and he’s more than happy to help. It’s amazing what little kids can destroy in such a short time.

    1. Oh, yes…both of my girls would have that power! Stinkers.

  3. see, I got made fun of for keeping my kids in cribs until age 3.5, but this is why. I knew they would pull this stuff! We just switched and naptime will never be the same:)
    Long time no see! I appear to have deserted my blog. Life has really gotten in the way:) I’m going to catch up on what you’ve been up to now..:)

    1. I was wondering where you’ve been! I’m glad you stopped by.

      Smart thinking. With three of them I would have probably added crib walls to a twin bed!

    1. I wish that “eventually” part happened here. Never does though. I’ve got some stubborn girls on my hands.

  4. lmao oh lordie! And boy can I relate, I still get a lot of this craziness from the 5 year old, despite the fact that we both agree it’s not “nap time” anymore but “quiet time”

    1. I try to tell the 4 yo it can just be quiet time, and she still destroys her room. I’m fine with her not napping, it’s the craziness after from not resting that drives me batty.

  5. When my oldest daughter was about three she would pull ALL of the clothes out of the dresser every day – multiple times a day! I put the dresser in the closet. She opened the closet and kept doing it.

    Toddlers should be illegal. Except when they’re giving hugs.

    1. Oh, we’ve got locks on the closet doors to prevent that. The ones that flap over the door? I just put them up high enough that they can’t reach them.

      But, the hugs do help.

  6. Mr Serious says:

    That N bear is a mess….

  7. dude please tell me you are joking!! that is just all out crazy!!

    1. Nope, super crazy hoss baby. This is why I say I don’t get it when parents say “I don’t think she/he knows she/he can….get out of bed, get out of the stroller, open their door, etc.” Because my kids? They know how to do it!

  8. #2 went through a nap monster phase. He actually tried to convince me that a monster climbed in his window everyday and had his way with his room. I put in a camera and suddenly the monster stop coming. Funny how that worked!

    1. I wish she would say a monster climbed in so I could prove her wrong!

  9. That girl may just be a superhero. She definitely has super human strength. How in the WORLD did she move that mattress???? Oh my word! That is too funny. But only because it didn’t happen at my house. 😉 I have enough trouble over here right now with my stinky boys. 😉

    1. Oh, she is a hoss! I don’t know where she gets her strength, but it’s crazy!

  10. Holy cow! what are you feeding your 2 year old? She’s one strong toddler LOL

    I think I can already expect what’s awaiting me when my 13months become 2… as early as now, she’s already showing signs of a toddler who’d be just like you have 😀

    Spanish Pinay

  11. Oh my gosh! SO hilarious. I mean, not hilarious for you : ) but hilarious that she can move the mattress! WOWZERS : )

    1. It’s funny looking back..but definitely not in the moment!

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