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12 months = 1 year = Mommy’s in denial {Happy birthday E!}


Dear E,

One full year. Twelve months. 366 days (leap year!)

I can’t believe we are already here. One. One year ago since your big self arrived into the world. And it’s been a pretty awesome year which ended and started the next with a donut. Which you devoured just like pretty much anything else we offer you.

12 months E donut

You are the happiest baby I’ve met. Especially if mommy is completely around, or completely out of sight. You are totally a momma’s girl. We’ve been so blessed that I could stay home with you for an entire year. To see your firsts. To live in the moments. All of them.

You have 8 full teeth and one molar popped through on your first birthday. There was only a little fussing at night that let us know something was coming. That amber necklace is really doing it’s job.

Happy first birthday, E

Recently, you’ve started turning pages in books. It is so sweet. When I read “Prayer for a Child” to you (one that your sisters loved), you always pause on the picture with all of the kids on it and take it in. I wonder what you are thinking about in that moment.

Sidenote: (I realize all of this is a sidenote). Those little wisps of hair that go past your eyes? The are so sweet and totally you. I get such a kick out of sweeping them out of your face or clipping them back for you.

Happy first birthday, E

You can crawl faster than any baby I’ve seen and know how to get around the house in a breeze (of course, only within the confines of our gated community). The poor cat only stands a chance when she gets higher than you can reach. You really have no desire to attempt to walk or stand unassisted, but will cruise all over our furniture and your crib. You love to play in your crib. And have a great time throwing your pacis out and saying “uh oh” over and over again. You sign for “more,” “all done,” “eat,” and “milk.”

Happy first birthday, E

 Your smile is so alive. You even smile with your eyes. What is that called? Sm-eyesing? (Tyra Banks?) You love to clap your hands together. Anytime you hear it or see it, you break out in applause. I love it. 

Happy First Birthday, E

You have a great time putting balls and blocks into containers. And, I’ve caught you experimenting with your puzzles. Considering I’m a terrible baby teacher, I’m impressed at all of the skills you’ve acquired thus far. Your favorite thing to do (I think) is to open the kitchen cabinets and take everything out of them (don’t worry, it’s all baby safe stuff), and pull your clean diapers out of the basket and throw them up over your head. You think it’s hilarious. 

Happy First Birthday, E
Happy First Birthday, E

This is what happens when mommy tries to get away. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. (But daddy did take this one!) And, by the way, what is with you saying “dadadada” all the time, but still no “mamama”? You’ve said it once or twice, but not at me and not consistently. This face? Also the one you give to strangers and the ladies in the church nursery. We’re working on it, though. 

Happy First Birthday, E

You have a great time putting balls and blocks into containers. And, I’ve caught you experimenting with your puzzles. Considering I’m a terrible baby teacher, I’m impressed at all of the skills you’ve acquired thus far. When mommy asks where your head is, you take both of your cute little hands on your head and start patting it. It might melt me. Also? You give the sweetest little kisses. Out of nowhere, you will come up to me, grab my face between your hands and plant a big wet one on me. In a couple years, I will remind you of this when you want nothing to do with my kisses.

Happy First Birthday, E

 We are all so thankful for the last year with you in our family, E. We love you to the moon and back…wait, not far enough. We love you to the sun and back.

All three girls at one year 1

{For the sake of comparison. All three girls at one year. Same shirt. Same dress. Silly mommy had E face the wrong way.}

{Also, in case you can’t tell, they are in birth order, too. It’s like playing a game of which of these babies does not belong.}

{What are the odds of having three kids with red hair when neither parent has red hair?} 

A very special thank you to M Fonseca Photography for capturing our girl for her first year. All of the pictures that look good? Those are thanks to him!


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  1. They grow up so fast, treasure every moment!! Mine “little” girl is moving back to GA this week after being in Texas for the past year…so excited she will be closer to home!!

  2. Cuties! My sister has red, curly Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman hair while all the rest of our family and extended family are brunettes. You never know how the genes play out!

    1. It cracks me up how surprised people are! It’s even funnier now because they ask if E’s hair will turn red.

  3. Oh. My. Word. I love this post! I can’t believe she’s already a year old! I absolutely adore the last one with all three girls, how adorable! I so wish I had these sort of pics of my littles! My “baby” will be 13 this year, and I am SO in denial!

    1. I’m still in denial. I think I might have to collage the last one for them when they go to college.

      13…I’ll be in super denial then…if I’m not crazy:)

  4. Congratulations on one year down!! She is absolutely adorable!! Our youngest was also very sweet and very mom-needy at that age.

    1. Thank you very much! Most of the time, I’m good with it, but sometimes, momma needs a break.

  5. Oh goodness happy birthday the pictures look awesome. I use to capture each year of my child turning another year I stopped I must get back to that soon.

    1. Yes, get back to it! Even if they don’t want you to, it will capture them that year for you.

  6. I love the one of her down on the floor with sister in the background! She is a complete doll! 🙂 Happy Birthday!!!!!

    1. Thank you! That one really captures them, too! My N isn’t ever far from her little sister…most of the time annoying her:)

  7. I love that the donut is about the same size as her head…and she ate it all! Yum. Such a happy girl showing off all those teeth in all her smiles. And her hair, ALL that hair! Love it.

    1. Oh yeah, devoured it! And yes, she likes to show off her hair and teeth:)

  8. And I like the picture of all three of them in the same outfit at 1!

  9. Aw! Happy Birthday wishes! She is such a cutie! It does go by so fast. My four kids are teenagers and I sure sometimes miss having a little one around. I love your picture of the girls in the same outfit – very fun! I wish I would’ve done something clever like that – I’m so bad about pictures, especially now that they are older.

    1. Teenagers. Ack. It happens so quickly, doesn’t it?

      Clever? I think it was my one moment of clarity in the passed 6 years and it’s totally for me!

  10. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Happy 1st Birthday Baby E…such a beautiful baby girl. Goes by so fast huh Mommy? Great pics!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I luck out and get a good one. But, it’s a little blurry when you actually look up close:(

  11. What a doll! I still can’t believe they’re one!! And look at all of those teeth!

    1. I can’t either. It’s happened WAY too fast! And the teeth. I can’t get over it, either.

  12. what a beautiful girl!!!! don’t be in denial–just enjoy EVERY minute-because they do go fast!! My first baby will be 19 next week! and her sister just turned 13 and my baby boy just turned 5!!
    GREAT pictures–made my day 🙂

    1. I’m enjoying every moment, most definitely! Glad to make your day….I can’t imagine when they will be 19!

  13. My favorite picture is the last one. Your babies look just a like. They are all so beautiful!! I love this letter!! As always your babies look so happy. I love how they are all wearing the same dress in the last picture. All the pictures are great.

    1. Thank you! Some of their baby pictures I can’t even tell them apart (at least the older two because of their hair..E sort of stands out!)

      I’m glad I kept the dress for them.

  14. grandma pat says:

    great post – I can’t beleive it’s already been a year – love the last 3 pictures of all 3 – minus the hair they all have the same facial features especially I and E through the cheeks.

  15. What a lovely letter to your girl. Happy first year, E!

  16. The first year goes by too fast! I love the comparison picture, E definitely breaks the mold!

    1. Oh, she definitely breaks the mold in more ways than one.

    1. A couple times, too:) She’s lucky to have been held by you (and you are lucky there was no screaming:)

    1. Good thing I think he’s good looking:) Actually, everybody says they look like him when they are tiny and then start looking like me…poor girls.

  17. Those are some beautiful pictures! Your little letter to E made me tear up a bit. It’s so wonderful that you capture all of these moments for your girls. I need to make more of an effort to record everything for my little one. About the odds of having three redheaded children – I’m not good at math, but I do know a cute kid when I see one. And you, Krystyn, have three absolutely adorable little girls 🙂

    1. I capture them for her, but I honestly don’t have any idea if I did it for the other two….well, she’ll never get to say she was a neglected third child:)

      Thank you very much…I think they are pretty darn cute, too.

  18. love all the photos, but that last comparison one? great!!!

  19. What amazing pictures! I LOVE that last collage of all three girls in the same dress at the same age!!! My dad has DARK brown hair and brown eyes, and my mom has blue eyes and brown hair. 🙂

    1. So, I think what you are saying is that they get their red hair from you? 🙂

  20. She’s so cute and looks so happy! Time flies by when you have children doesn’t it? Hope the next year is just as exciting.

    1. It sure does…I can’t believe it’s been over 6 years since we started this journey!

  21. What a cutie pie!! Looks like big sister in the background is adorable as well!

    1. Yeah, she’s pretty cute, too! Well, all three of them are.

  22. I can tell just from her photos that she is a super happy baby. And I’m so glad you’ve been able to be home with her. Love the comparison shots. You are truly blessed with all of your sweet girls. And Happy Birthday, E!!!

  23. Gosh that went by so quickly! She’s absolutely adorable and it looks like her and Sesame are both in no rush to walk. He just chases us crawling, which is pretty hilarious. I have to write one of these next week 🙁

    1. I know..I can’t believe it’s already been a year.

      The crawling totally works, so she has no desire to get up and walk. Which is fine with me!

  24. Oh my goodness. That darling, darling girl. ONE YEAR OLD! I can’t believe it.
    Hug her tight!

    1. Thanks, Kat! I do…daily. Mostly because she’s super clingy..but also because I just can’t stop.

    1. Thank you! I wish I could take credit, but I guess I can take credit for the girl and sourcing the pictures.

  25. i still can’t get over the fact that she has already been here a year. it’s just not possible mama! and the pics of the girls in the red dress? amazing!!

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