Vitamin D Drops For Babies and Kids Made Easy


With all three of our girls born in/near winter, it’s hard/was hard for them to get their vitamin D from the sun. And, since I am breastfeeding/did breastfeed them, I can’t add it to my milk. So, on the days when they don’t get their sun, we try to remember to give them their Baby DDrops. Without Vitamin D (a group of fat-soluble secosteroids) it can limit our intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate. In humans, vitamin D is unique because it can be ingested as cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) or ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and because the body can also synthesize it (from cholesterol) when sun exposure is adequate (hence its nickname, the “sunshine vitamin”). (source)


The weather plays an important role in whether or not we get our adequate vitamin D, especially since the oldest doesn’t drink milk and neither does the youngest. When we can’t get outside to get our required sun, we can use a supplement. It’s been so nasty and rainy here lately that I know we aren’t getting enough vitamin D.

The Baby Ddrops for infants (400IU) or the booster (600IU) for older children is so easy to give to them. The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently revised their Vitamin D recommendations so that children 1 year old and over should be receiving 600 IU Vitamin D per day. Ddrops® Booster has 600 IU Vitamin D per drop. It has no flavor, nor smell (I checked both) and only one drop is required (which comes out perfectly from the lid with the built in measuring dropper). For babies, you can put the drop on your finger, their pacifier, bottle, or even mom’s breast to make sure they get it.


For older kids, you can put it on their finger, their hand to lick off, etc.

It’s nice to have an option for vitamin drops that doesn’t involve those nasty, smelly ones from the formula companies..the ones that stain clothes, kids fight and are overall gross. The Ddrops are so easy to use and take I wish that my pediatrician would have recommended these when suggesting supplements. Instead I told her about them!

Baby Ddrops are now available direct from the manufacturer on

*We received samples of the Ddrops to facilitate the review. All thoughts are my own. As always, consult with your doctor before starting any supplement. 

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  1. I love that it is such an easy way for my kids to get their D 🙂

  2. We opted out of the vitamin supplements from the doctor, but these sound like a much better alternative. Thanks for sharing!

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