Our guide to an awesome birthday party {aka the birthday recap}


The birthday party was a HUGE success. I think I’ll sit back and take some credit for it. But, not too much. 

I did stress out a little bit, but everything came together and turned out wonderfully and it didn’t really take too much.

To have an awesome birthday party, you need to make sure to get your invites out early, from there, it’s all about the party.

1. First up, an awesome cake. Looked good. Tasted good. Most importantly, both chocolate (for #1) and vanilla (for #2). Decorated in #2’s favorite color “pinkish-purpleish” (no joke). Everybody was super impressed with the cake. Can you tell it even has glitter in the icing? Mr. Serious asked if it was edible. I told him I assumed yes, but to look in a couple days to see if things are um, decorated.

Awesome birthday party for girls

2. Then, get thee a bounce house rental. Seriously, we’ve done this for three years and it’s still not old. They still ask for it and they (as well as their friends still love it). The parents love it because the kids go play by themselves, we don’t have to play birthday games, and the kids are usually tired and sleep well at night.

Awesome birthday party for girls

3. Don’t for get the cute birthday girls (okay, boys could be in place of the girls. Your choice!)

Awesome birthday party for girls

4. Have delicious food delivered to your house. Talk about stress free. I didn’t have to cook. I didn’t have to purchase matching plates or utensils. I didn’t really have to think!  (Come to think of it, maybe this should be step 1!!)

Awesome birthday party for girls

The food was from Zoes Kitchen and it was delicious. Everybody came up to me and repeatedly said how good the food was (even the kiddos). One gentleman complemented me on my cooking (despite Zoes Kitchen being written on everything). I was flattered he thought I was that good of a cook. Those steak kabobs were fantastic. I’m still dreaming about them. And the Greek salad and dressing? It was the best Greek dressing we had tasted. (Even Gramps enjoyed it).

Awesome birthday party for girls

Every time I turned around, there was somebody munching and somebody getting more munchies. (I wish I had my camera when I saw a little girl park herself next to the hummus and pita tray and go to town…her mom says it’s one of her favorites!)

Awesome birthday party for girls

See…Mr. Serious was eating, too. (I have too many pictures of him eating. Ha!) 

Awesome birthday party for girls

Guests were eating and eating, and really didn’t have enough good things to say.

Awesome birthday party for girls

(Some of them really like to have their picture taken!!) But also told us how delicious they thought the food was.

Awesome birthday party for girls

Even E devoured some of the chicken kabobs. (Well, she didn’t really devour them. I pulled the meat into bite-sized pieces and she gobbled them up!)

Awesome birthday party for girls

Enough of the food already, back to the list.

5. Have family and friends there to help your kids celebrate. Wouldn’t be a party without them,

Awesome birthday party for girls

and all of them (notice #2 pushing Z on the swing. I melt).

Awesome birthday party for girls

and a couple others, too (and the ones that phoned and facetimed in, of course).

Awesome birthday party for girls

6. Pinata. Can’t forget the pinata. What fun is it without handing kids a weapon and telling them to swing at paper mache stuffed with candy?

Awesome birthday party for girls

Put them in order of birthday kids first then smallest to largest (next time remembering a blindfold for those older kids), unless you are rushed for time. Then let the big kids get a big solid whack at it first. 

Awesome birthday party for girls

(Make sure everybody stays hydrated during said pinata whacking. Sometimes it takes those little kiddos a bit longer).

zoes kitchen catering for kids and adult birthday party

Let the pinata smashing commence with kiddo #2

kids birthday party

then, #1.

kids birthday party

7. Celebrate the pinata smashing and the age turning with a good old-fashioned singing of “Happy Birthday” and blowing out of candles. Eat said cake (see step 1) preferably with ice cream and enjoy.

kids birthday party

In summary:

cake, bounce house, birthday kids, catered food, family and friends, pinata, eat cake. 

(I am now three birthdays behind and must get on posting those. Let the birthday overload begin!)

*We rented the bounce house and bought the cake, the food and some drinks were provided by Zoes Kitchen catering. The food was delicious. If we didn’t like it, you would know! All thoughts are my own.

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    1. It was sooo good…it was hard to ignore it. Then again everything was good.

  1. What an awesome party! I checked the Zoe’s Kitchen site to see if we have one and there is just to the north of us in Ponte Vedra, so we’ll have to keep them in mind!

      1. Yes, definitely. It’s super yummy..and very casual for lunch/dinner, too.

  2. What an amazing birthday party! Love love the purple “ish” cake.

    1. Thanks…I’m so glad everything came together so well.

  3. So fun! Looks like you had great weather. And that cake is so cute! Happy Birthday to your girlies!!

    1. Yes, the weather was perfect..thank goodness…it’s always risky planning in October!

    1. It really turned out well…and I was worried it wasn’t going to!

  4. mrs. hils says:

    If you eat at Zoe’s, get the hummus. It is sooo good!

  5. Love the tips! I’m planning Baby S’s party early, since I’ll be in the middle of grad school exam horror the weeks prior to his actual birthday. We’ve been sending informal invites to out of state family, so they can plan early.

    1. That’s a good idea to start inviting now..everybody wants to be there for the first birthday.

  6. that cake looks amazeballs!!

    and yay for catered parties – totally the way to go friend!!

  7. It sounds like you all had a wonderful party! That cake is beautiful and the food look delish!

    1. It was great…and we were all very happy with the cake.

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