A big decision for our #2


Dear Little (soon to be Middle)-

Mommy and daddy made a big final decision this week. We’ve hemmed and hawed over it for months now.

And, it wasn’t an easy decision at all.  We want you to know that we want the best for you, and we also want the best for our family. And, it’s hard. It’s hard to make decisions about you and school.

You’ve been doing so well in your senior preschool class this year. You went in the week you turned 3 and haven’t looked back.  And, there are kids in your class that turned 4 after November 1st.

Guess what? Your teachers sing your praises every day. They tell us how awesome you are doing and how quick you pick things up. You know all of your letters, upper and lower case; both how to write them and recognize them. You know the sounds they make.  You know what letter a word starts with just by listening to it. You can spell and write your name. You know how to count so well (and you are very systematic about it). You can read your numbers 1-10. You carry on conversations and interact with adults and other children. If I may say so, you are a rockstar. Just like your big sister.

Yes, I’m bragging!

my big girl.JPG

After this class, your “sissy” as you call her, went on to Pre-K and this year Kindergarten (both at the private school because our cut off here is September 1st, and her October 14th birthday cut off doesn’t make it). Next year, she’s going to public Kindergarten and will be all caught up.

You were going to do the same. Private pre-K where we know you would excel.

But, there are some issues with that.

Your big sister will have to catch the bus at 7:20 and you would have to be at school at 7:40. Both of which can’t happen simultaneously. And, the price. It’s expensive to send you to private school. With mommy staying home with your little sister, it’s just not possible.

So, we made a decision. I promise, it was one of the hardest decisions to make for you. Next year, you will go to the preschool at our church. Registration fee has been paid and everything.

But, they won’t allow us to put you with all of the other 4 year olds. They are very strict about the September 1st birthday cut off (which mommy finds funny considering it’s less stringent than your current school, but no rule bending). You’ll be in the “younger 4s” class. No more Spanish lessons. No more daily Mandarin lessons. No more uniforms. No more lunch provided. You’ll only be there four days a week from 9-1.

Mommy has cried many times about this. Not because I want to push, push, push you ahead. But because you love school and learning so much. I want to keep your spongy brain absorbing everything you want. And, I’m worried you are going to be in a class with kids that won’t know what you know and you are going to be bored. And, get into trouble (guess what? Mommy got in trouble in school all the time because I was bored). Yes, mommy is worried. Of course, everybody keeps telling me it will be fine and you will adjust. But, I want equal opportunity. I want you to have the same opportunities and experiences that your sister had. Why? I don’t know. You’ll have different opportunities. And, they will be good.

You’ll get to spend time at home with mommy and your baby sister. We’ll help get your “sissy” on the bus in the morning, spend some time together, and then get you off to school for a bit. I know you’ll have fun.

And, yet, I still worry. I’m pretty sure that no amount of reassurance from anybody will make me worry less.

our princess.jpg

Because I want what I think is best for you. While this will be good. It’s different. It’s not what you are used it.  It’s not what I am used to. And, that is why I worry.

We love you, big girl.


Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Awww Kristy, you just made me cry. I completely understand…..I am struggling with my daughter getting out of preschool as well because we are moving. But, I am not sure that the preschool at Church will be that bad. She is still young, and she will probably learn more from her older sister. She will do just fine, I am sure. Plus, you will always be there for her when she gets back to reinforce all of her learnings and teach her more.

    I am so proud of the way you and your husband are raising your girls and I pray for more blessings so you can afford to do all of your heart desires for them.

    No worries here lady, she will do fine. Keep us posted. I’ve stop crying now 🙂

    1. Thanks, Blessing. It is so hard making decisions for our kids. I think I will always second guess myself.

  2. Hopefully you guys will adjust quickly. I am so happy that I was/am able to spend so much time with my kids…after all they are only little once!

  3. Sampson will just have to teach the others what she knows! I think she will LOVE seeing Izzy off to school everyday, and happy to see her when she returns. And next year she will have Izzy’s experts bus riding skills to show her how it’s done…and she will teach Boris one day! I’m sure she will be a great helper at home too! See y’all soon!! xoxo

  4. N will remember and cherish these memories you will be making with her at home! You can’t get these years back…spend as much time with your girls as you can! I, personally, think it is a great decision:)

    1. Thanks, Sherry! It’s definitely going to be a change…but knowing that you feel this way after making the same decision definitely makes me feel better.

  5. Oh, these decisions are so hard! Our preschool registration is due tomorrow. I hate these choices every year. All you can do is know that you put your all into making a decision. She will love extra time with you! Hugs.

    1. It is so hard…and I’m always second guessing myself. But, the check has been written and she’s signed up! Hope your decision wasn’t too painful.

  6. I know it was a hard decision but I also really do think it will all work out. MM didn’t go to preschool at all (couldn’t afford it) and he is absolutely rocking at kindergarten this year, reading a mile a minute! Clever kids find a way!! Just remember to think one step at a time. This won’t define her forever and before you know it she’ll be in kindergarten, too, continuing to blow your mind with how clever she is!

    1. Thanks, Jen. It helps to hear that he’s doing so well:)

      And, no, not Kindergarten.. I’m not ready for that.

  7. grandma Pat says:

    I am sure N will do great at her new school. I also think she will love spending more time at home with you and the new baby. Also seeing Iz off and being there when she gets home will be fun for her. They will both be able to tell each other about their days. You know now that N will be the middle child of 3 girls just like her grandma.

  8. aaawww, I know this was so hard for you, but just remember it is harder on you than her. I already think of this for the triplets, how will they even go to preschool, or classes like bella did, it’s really hard knowing i wont be able to provide the same experiences but like you said they will will have their own experience, just like your middle will, the experience of becoming a big sis is worth it. hugs!

    1. Thanks, Angie..it’s so hard to be mom and make decisions, isn’t it?

  9. That’s hard. We switched daycare providers last September. It was so hard, and I was so worried, but it ended up being one of the best things I’ve done as a parent. I’m sure this will work out well too.

    1. I remember you writing about that….so glad it worked out well for you.

  10. She’s just gonna WOW the pants off of them, is what she’s going to do! I mean, you know what I mean… ;P I’m sure it will be a bit of an adjustment but she’ll be fine and so will you. I know it’s hard to make these kinds of decisions though… xoxo

    1. I would be very happy if she wow’s them:)

      And, yes, I think I will second guess all mom decisions…it’s so tough.

  11. i hate grown up mommy decisions. we always question ourselves no matter what and the truth is, they are fine and it’s always harder on us! (i am saying this to myself too as we are going back and forth on a big decision as well.)

    she will do great mama!

    (and so will you) 🙂

    1. I know..I know. It’s like the weaning and the potty training, and the big girl bed…we are always the hang up.

  12. Mr Serious says:

    Nat will do great! She’s already great at Wii frisbee.

  13. You’ll always worry. Ain’t a thing any of us can type here that’ll change that. But, as long as you believe you have made the best decision for your family (for now), hold onto that. I have no doubt you will keep reading to her and supplementing anything you think she’s missing.

    Z has been in the same center since he was 16 months (he’s 2 1/2 now). The public elementary school where our middle girl is has a head start/pre-school 3 class that he’ll start in September. I am not looking forward to the change, even with the savings of not having to pay daycare anymore.

    1. Isn’t it silly? Even though we are saving tons of money and it will be good for them, it still terrifies us?

  14. It’s really hard when you have to make a decision like this. I will assure you that you’ve made the right one – I’m sure you know that already.

    1. I hope I’ll get to that point..the one where I know it’s the right decision. It’s like my head knows it, but my heart hasn’t accepted it.

  15. I pray that your adorably smart #2 will have the opportunity to grow, love and learn no matter where she is planted. I have the suspicion that you will be able to offer her supplemental projects at home which will feed any curiosity in her brain. I worried about my May baby who was an extremely early reader, but nothing has stopped her learning and desire to pursue things on her own. That daughter is my oldest at 14 and reads Les Miserables for the fun of it. So don’t worry so much and enjoy the ride Kristen…not that anyone has to tell you that!

    1. Thanks, Ann! I know she’ll do well where she’s planted….in my head, it’s just convincing my heart!

  16. Gina M Maddox says:

    Awww…I wish you and little all the best with these adjustments.

  17. Krystyn, I so wish I had magical words of wisdom for you but I only have love and hugs to give.
    My boys only went to public schools from Kindergarten on when they were 5 y.o. They were in private day cares while I worked before that.
    Just the fact that you are agonizing over this shows how much love and care you have for your girls. They know you love them and your little, soon-to-be-middle, will have special time with you and it will be wonderful! =)
    Hope you are feeling well.

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