The awkward wedding present


Once upon a time, a boy met a girl. They were quite the “young ‘ens.”

They were in love.

They graduated high school, went off to college and started to plan for the future.

He popped the question, and she said “yes.”

Then the planning started. The wedding planning that centered around them moving four states away, but planning a wedding in their home state.

The big day was finally here, everything went according to plan (except some ill placed black ribbon that was supposed to be white), and they sealed their “I Do’s” with a kiss.

Life Insurance

Shortly after that kiss, there was dancing and food and drinks and celebrating. Followed by a nice trip to Mexico.

They returned to celebrate Christmas with their families (Yep, that picture was taken outside in December folks…yes, it was a little chilly).

They came back home and settled into their new life as husband and wife.

Then, one day, the mother of the girl called and asked an odd question. Do you want your life insurance policy? I was going to give it to you for a wedding present?

The girl thought and declined. She didn’t need life insurance. What a morbid thought. She then went out and got a job and got her own life insurance through her employer.

Then, she decided that job wasn’t for her. So, she started working from home. Which meant no more insurance through work and the boy and their three girls would need some extra money if the horrible happened.

So, eight years after offering that awkward wedding present, the girl accepted. And, now they feel a little better knowing that it’s there…but it won’t ever be used!

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