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This weekend it was just the girls. We didn’t really plan much activity-wise and just saw how the weekend played out while Mr. Serious was at a retreat. I fibbed. We had planned for the kids to go to karate Saturday morning and I would hit the grocery store with B.

That meant that by 10:30, we had done everything we needed to do, including having the groceries put away. That also meant the kiddos wanted lunch at 10:31! So, lunch was devoured and then we all stared at each other. It was rainy and yucky and I’m doing my seven day detox, so it didn’t feel like there were a ton of things for us to do. We decided a trip to Target was in order. We would stroll around and pick up two small items on our list.

Strolling resulted in us cruising down the toy aisles and looking at all the things we usually try to avoid. Then we found ourselves at the Nintendo Switch. Everybody wanted to get in a game or two. Free arcade? Yep! Only for the cost of a popcorn snack (not required, just something we grabbed.)

girls playing nintendo switch at target

Because of the cleanse…there needed to be a pee break (TMI, maybe, but come on, probably not really!). While we took turns in the bathroom, everybody else found the massagers and started testing them out on their sister’s backs. Then I was offered a massage. Yes, please!

massage train

Then a decision was made to make a little massage train. I think they were enjoying it even more than I was. We all took some turns and the order of our train varied, but it was a nice little retreat for us.

mom and girls giving each other back massage

Since we don’t often go to the store to just walk around, it wasn’t a high stress trip. We made sure to grab what we needed first and then took our time taking all the things in. And, we left Target spending less than $10!

Sometimes it’s nice to wander and not really have a goal. We all got to look at things we were interested in and talk about what we liked and it was very low key. Not a bad way to spend Saturday afternoon.

What did you do this week?

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